Feb 21: My One Sentence Bible

Feb 21: My One Sentence Bible February 21, 2011

What is My One Sentence Bible?


Sometimes there are very simple instructions Jesus gives that are too countercultural for even Christians to heed. Luke 6:27-29

Following Jesus’ actual commands are so difficult because they’re intended to not be satisfying by any means we understand that word. Luke 6:30-31

The determining factor behind an actual follower of Jesus and a fake one is who they measure themselves against. Luke 6:32-34

Much love.


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2 responses to “Feb 21: My One Sentence Bible”

  1. I have always found it perplexing to ‘hope for nothing in return’ as in:

    Luke 6:35
    “But love your enemies, do good, and lend,
    hoping for nothing in return; and your
    reward will be great, and you will be
    sons of the Most High. For He is kind
    to the unthankful and evil.”

    Hoping for nothing in return feels like disappointment and a rip-off to the extreme as I am asked to be the willing participant in the Goodness of God. Living my life without expecting or experiencing genuine goodness via shared reciprocation has never made sense to me. Doesn’t such create and sustain a level of social detachment that makes us a door-mat to others? If there is a passive-aggressive formula, then this has to be one of them.

    Yet, it is clear that such expectations are without merit from the Most High. What credit is it? Nothing – from an eternal perspective. Very much unsatisfying. This, then, is the kindness to those who are unthankful and evil.

    I have much to learn how to release my need for reciprocation in a world where pushy and controlling people just take, take and take some more without any notice of the damage they’re doing to others. Selfishness raise to the power of EGO. It’s never-ending as everyone has to take care of themselves first, right?

    Then, they escalate it into B-l-a-m-e if those who were ripped-off say ‘ouch’ as though being a Christian somehow voids our legit feelings of being taken advantage of in a one-sided raw-deal. Doesn’t this sort of encourage bad behavior on the part of unthankful and evil control freaks?

    If I expect nothing in return, then does that mean I have a bad attitude abut those unthankful and evil persons in my life?

    • pm – That is a strange thought, isn’t it. It’s something that I have always really struggled with – especially since I am so competitive. It’s like I’ve had to retrain myself and be really intentional about undoing such a competitive attitude because for me, if I don’t get reciprocity from others, I have taken satisfaction knowing that I competed…and I feel that is the wrong way to go about it.