Continuing Education Classes with The Marin Foundation

Continuing Education Classes with The Marin Foundation July 5, 2013

If you have ever wanted to learn practical steps for building bridges between the LGBT community and the church, now is the time!  If you read Love Is an Orientation and want to know, “Now what?” here is your answer. Whether you are a pastor, a parent, a youth worker, an LGBT individual, a professor, or someone who is simply interested in knowing how to elevate this conversation, this is for you! This summer, The Marin Foundation will be offering continuing education courses based on our innovative Culture War Curriculum.

The Culture War Curriculum is designed to offer concrete and feasible methods of engagement between divided communities.  You will walk away with a better understanding of the “Other” and ways to connect in peaceful and productive dialogue.

The Marin Foundation’s Culture War Curriculum includes the following sections:

Historical Identity: Politics, Sex, Religion and the LGBT Community

Practical Applications for Building Bridges and Elevating the Conversation between Divided Communities

Faith and Life Acculturation: Discovering an Ideal Existence apart from Mainstream Norms

Our Town to Their Town: Understanding the Art of Biblical Interpretation

Theology of Sex and Sexuality

Scientific Research and Homosexuality: What is it? What does it conclude? How does that impact the divide? and Where do we go from here?

Over the years, this Culture War Curriculum has been taught by The Marin Foundation at a number of LGBT organizations, conservative, faith-based and secular non-profits, government agencies, clinics, high schools, community centers, churches large and small, and Christian and secular universities.

Three opportunities to take the course this summer:

July 11, 18, and 25: Three day course spread out over three Thursday evenings (6:30-9pm).

July 13 & 14: Two day weekend course (12-6pm on Saturday & 10am-5pm on Sunday).

August 3 & 4: Two day weekend course (12-6pm on Saturday & 10am-5pm on Sunday).

In kicking off the classes again, we’re running a summer special registration fee of $50. It will return to $75 this Fall.

Each of these classes will take place at The Marin Foundation’s offices:

5241 N. Ashland Ave 1st Floor

Chicago, IL 60640


Jason Bilbrey

  Jason serves as our Director of Pastoral Care at The Marin Foundation. He completed his M.A. of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary and was previously on staff with a multi-ethnic church plant in Los Angeles.

Brent Bailey    
 Brent is completing his Master of Divinity at Abilene Christian University, where he has helped to lead conversations around building bridges between the LGBT and Christian communities. He blogs about being Christian and gay on his blog at

Please contact Kevin Harris to register for the course or for more information: or 773-572-5983

Register soon to guarantee your spot!

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