Vision Forum Quick Takes

Vision Forum Quick Takes September 19, 2011

The Vision Forum website can be quite interesting. Today once I got home from work I sat my toddler on my lap and started to browse. I’d had a long day and was ready for some levity. Thankfully, I found some. I’m in the mood to share, and so I offer this post. Ready? Let’s get started!

Ah, hospitality. Now wait a minute! Are those servants on the far left and far right? Yes! They are! Methinks said hostess is not doing her own cooking and cleaning here…. Does learning about hospitality include learning to manage servants?!?

Also, just out of curiosity, what year are we in here? This looks like hospitality circa 1880. Can you say out of date?

“No dad! It’s mine!

The Wise Woman’s Guide…by a man. Enough said.

Also, the date is no longer 1790, and if the info on the CD is geared toward that year, as the cover seems to suggest, I’m really concerned about its relevance.

First, he must be headless. And one-legged. And have a certain part of his body discretely covered up, apparently.

Or…is the guy standing there supposed to be the dad, guarding his daughter with his firm stance and muscled body, ready to fight off unworthy candidates with sheer force if need be?

Bring them home…and dress them in clothes from the eighteenth century?

Since this is yet another CD about fathers vetting their daughters’ prospective suitors, I have to wonder, does he have to own a castle? Because personally, that’s the message I’m getting.  Talk about setting standards high! No wonder poor Jasmine Baucham isn’t married yet!

Because all truly feminine women rub noses with their mothers! Duh!

Also, written by a man.

Because the Pilgrims get the tables and the Native Americans get to kneel in the back.


Maybe it’s just me, but I missed the part where Jesus talks about commanding armies.

Wondering what armies this CD set looks at, I foolishly checked the information:

In Victorious Christian Armies Commanded by Courageous Men of God, learn about Huguenot leaders Admiral de Coligny and Henry of Navarre from the “Wars of Religion” in France. Discover the story of General Oliver Cromwell, his New Model Army, and the overthrow of King Charles I. Meet Major Henry Berry, Colonel Adam Murray, and the other Scots-Irish defenders of Derry under William of Orange. And see how God protected Andries Pretorious and his fellow Voortrekker commandos during their struggle against the fierce Zulus of South Africa.

Oh nos! We brave white Englishmen must fight the fierce Zulus! Why are they so angry? All we did was take their land! … Also, those French “Wars of Religion”? Just as an fyi, we’re talking about two to four million casualties.

Thanks for humoring me. I hope you enjoyed this little excursion as much as I did! It may have to become a regular feature here.
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