Vision Forum views food as a HUGE THEOLOGICAL ISSUE

Vision Forum views food as a HUGE THEOLOGICAL ISSUE July 9, 2012

Vision Forum has just put out a Petition for Prayer:

This week Vision Forum Ministries will endeavor to do something we think timely and significant. We recognize that the mission before us is both dangerous and risky. Once more we walk into the breach of controversy, this time by addressing a very difficult subject fraught with inherent challenges, not the least of which are the potential of error from confusion, extremism, trendism, indifference, apathy, and worse—theological heresy.

Wow, this sounds intense! I wonder what they could be talking about?

We have purposed to address a great elephant within the room of Evangelical Christianity. We are not content with elephants tramping through our sacred houses and wreaking havoc, so before things are done we hope to offer the elephant both a care-taker and an elephant house. The pachyderm in question is the present crisis of food and the family. …


Towards this end, we aspire to battle many errors which persist: … We gather to battle statism, Marxism and the last fifty years of man-centered manipulation of the food supply, contrary to both wisdom and applicable biblical precepts.

…wait. I do not think Vision Forum realizes that the only reason our planet is able to sustain its current population is because of “man-centered manipulation of the food supply.” I mean, the “green revolution”? If you eliminate birth control as Vision Forum would like too, and remove “man-centered manipulation of the food supply,” I’m seeing a problem. Just sayin’.

We gather to battle the assault on the family table and the once robust Christian household culture, by challenging the many-headed hydra of 21st century selfishness whose tentacles include radical egalitarianism and individualism, the tyranny of entertainment addiction and technological overload, and the poverty of the fast-food lifestyle.

Those people at Vision Forum do like big words! And hyperbole. Don’t forget the hyperbole!

That said, I find it fascinating how Vision Forum can turn just about anything into a huge theological issue. I’m looking forward to their conference on bedroom furniture next.

(Also, I think I’m in a snarky mood today)

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