Housekeeping and Ongoing Projects

Housekeeping and Ongoing Projects February 2, 2013

I just spent the better part of my morning doing some organizing here on the blog—namely, organizing some of the ongoing projects I feature here at Love, Joy, Feminism. I’d encourage you to take a look at them and also to consider participating in them. Each project has a main page that I’ve put some work into and is hopefully both inviting and easy to navigate. I’m going to take a moment to give a quick rundown:

Raised Quiverfull consists of both a panel and a project. The panel involves nine young adults who were raised in quiverfull families responding together to a battery of questions while the project contains their answers (along with the answers of a number of additional young adults) in individual survey format.

Raised Evangelical is made up of the stories of individuals who were raised in evangelical families but grew up to leave that tradition. Each story is consists of a survey of questions with responses filled in.

Homeschool Reflections is a series in which individuals who were homeschooled, or who homeschooled their children, reflect on their experiences.

The Purity Rings Project brings together young women who had purity rings as teens or young adults to discuss their experiences.

Then there is my weekly review of Debi Pearl’s advice manual for wives, Created To Be His Help Meet. The main page for this project contains links to all previous installments.

Finally, my newest project, Forward Thinking, which is run collaboratively with Dan Fincke of Camels with Hammers, seeks to bring together a variety of bloggers to work together in forming positive values.

I will soon be introducing a new project, which has yet to be named but will involve a panel of some of my Jewish readers answering questions about Judaism. My interest in this project was piqued by the fact that I grew up thinking I knew a lot about what Jews from reading the Bible, and then found, upon actually talking with Jewish friends as an adult, that most of what I thought I knew about Jews was wrong.

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