Saturday Link Love: White Fragility, the Nobel Prize, and Masculinity

Saturday Link Love: White Fragility, the Nobel Prize, and Masculinity December 31, 2016

Saturday Link Love is a feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier.

Stomping on Eggshells: On White Fragility and Speaking Up, on Samantha P. Field—“I think what this all comes down to is that I’m asking us to be bold. To set aside our white fragility and get to necessary work of fighting for justice and equality for everyone– even when we’re uncomfortable, even when we make mistakes.”

RIP Vera Rubin, Who Should Have Won a Nobel Prize, on Skepchick—“Rubin’s death, at the age of 88, is tragic not just because she was a sharp, insightful mind, but also because that puts an end to the hopes of astrophysicists everywhere that Rubin might finally be honored for her contributions with a Nobel Prize.”

White Southern Girlhood and Eugenics: A Talk With Historian Karin Zipf, on Rewire—“The same white supremacy that declared Black men and women to be hypersexual also subjected troubled or abused white girls to incarceration and state-sponsored sterilizations to make sure the teens did not pass on ‘bad’ genes and ‘ruin the race.'”

Red State Stupid; Red State Mean, on hecatedemeter—“I’m a clever girl who sings for her supper by crafting messages geared to any specific audience you can name.  And I’m flummoxed.  What exactly did those precious “white working class” snowflakes need to hear?”

On Masculinity and Political Power, Trump Is a Page Out of Putin’s Playbook, on Sociological Images—“While there is no systematic research on the role of masculinity in Trump’s rise to the national political stage in the US just yet, and while the nature of the link between Putin and Trump remains unclear (if one truly even exists), we should consider Putin’s Russia a cautionary tale.”

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