Alan Keyes Promotes Space Alien Bleach Drinking

Alan Keyes Promotes Space Alien Bleach Drinking December 9, 2019

This, from The Wonkette:

Hey! Remember Alan Keyes? The Black Republican guy who runs for President and isn’t Herman Cain or Ben Carson? The gay-hating guy with the crazy eyes who used to work for Reagan? Who once moved to Chicago briefly in hopes of stealing Senator Barack Obama’s seat (SPOILER: It did not work out)?

Yes! I remember Alan Keyes! My right-wing Republican parents were all about him in the 1990s! Alan Keyes was talked about in almost reverent terms in our home.

So. What’s he doing? I’m almost afraid to ask.

Well he’s back, and he’s now in the dangerous snake oil game. I’d say “Surprise!,” but it actually seems pretty apt.

As first reported by Kelly Weill of the Daily Beast, Keyes has been using his new platform on the internet TV station IAMtv (which probably isn’t related to the I AM Activity cult, but who knows anymore!) to promote the use of “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS) as a cure for almost everything.

The other name for Miracle Mineral Solution, however, is chlorine dioxide, and it is primarily used to bleach things. As you may have guessed, it is not safe to drink and several people have died or gotten sick from trying to drink it.

In November, Keyes did a full show on the Magical Mister Mistoffelees Solution with fellow IAMtv host Bob Sisson and Chicago real estate agent Kerri Rivera, who claims to have “reversed” her kid’s autism by making him drink bleach.

Okay, I admit it—I wasn’t expecting that.

So, I watched the beginning of the embedded video:

I’m Alan Keyes and this is Let’s Talk America. We all know that one of the major concerns that individuals have these days is with healthcare, and one of the major debates in our country and the world is about how we are to deal with its challenges. Well, some of those challenges have been with use from time immemorial. Others I fear are perpetuated and even created by applications of our science that have become very lucrative and profitable so that our health sector has become mainly about making money instead of making people well. As a result, treatments that actually help with some of the things that have best us,  including things like we’ll being talking about today, autism, are being ignored they’re even being banished.

Oh boy. Is this the new Republican line on healthcare? If we all just drank bleach we’d be fine? Our health problems are being created by the medical establishment? That’s what Keyes’ claim that

From the Daily Beast:

On a broadcast in August, IAMtv host Bob Sisson invoked Keyes’ name while discussing MMS.

“I get to use my ‘I work with Alan Keyes,'” Sisson said, miming a fishing rod as he pretended to reel someone in with Keyes’ name.

“Which is sorta cool because I met [Christian personality] Ken Ham a week ago; I met the governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, a super guy; met Governor Bill Lee here in Tennessee.

“Gonna meet Trump, it’s only a matter of time. President Trump’s gonna invite us up there, when he finds out about this stuff,” Sisson added.

Oh please no. The last thing we need is Trump tweeting at everyone to buy this—and then directing the FDA to approve it for all manner of things. Can you even imagine? Because Trump would embrace this. You know he would. He’s so freaking gullible. He loves conspiracy theories better than anything. If someone tells Trump the medical establishment is trying to banish a low-cost miracle cure that works for every ailment you can imagine, he will believe them.

And it gets weirder.

He held up green and blue bottles stamped with the logo for the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing that apparently contained the chemicals that create the dangerous cocktail chlorine dioxide, or “MMS” when combined.

Say what now? Genesis II Church of Health and Hearing?

Well. Yes. And it gets still weirder.

The term MMS first appeared in 2006 in a self-published book by Jim Humble. A former Scientologist who claims to be an alien god who arrived on Earth via “the space navy,” Humble said he used MMS to cure thousands of cases of malaria and HIV in South America and Africa. He went on to found the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, where MMS is the center of worship. Although a small industry of MMS peddlers have since appeared, Genesis II remains at the movement’s forefront, and its products and leaders are common in IAMtv videos.

Why on earth is Alan Keyes promoting a quack product that was created by a man who claims he’s an alien god, and is promoted by a church that was founded “to serve mankind,” rather than god? How is this in line with his Christian beliefs? His latest book is titled Our Character, Our Future: Reclaiming America’s Moral Destiny, for god’s sake.

It’s not like this stuff is hidden or secret, either. Humble, the guy who invented MMS, believes he is part of a “space navy” delegated by aliens to protect earth.

Their founder, Jim Humble, is a former Scientologist who claims he’s a billion-year-old god from the Andromeda galaxy.

“And then I asked to be put in the part of the space navy that watched over Earth,” Humble, the self-proclaimed Archbishop of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing claims in a video.

He’s also not a doctor:

“It cures cancer? It cures diabetes? It cures autism?” Ross asked Humble.

“It cures all of those things, yes,” Humble responded.

“You really believe that?” Ross asked.

“The body heals itself,” Humble attempted to explain.

“Where did you study medicine?” Ross asked.

“I didn’t study medicine. I’m not a doctor and I’m proud of it,” Humble said.

Do washed up politicians on the Left do this too? Peddle quack miracle cures? I’m genuinely curious. Between this and Jim Bakker’s miracle silver cream (it even cures STDs!), among others, this is starting to feel like a theme. What is it about the Right and conspiracy theories like this?

Also, please don’t drink bleach.

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