Knowing Jesus Better: Lenten Devotional from Foundations for Laity Renewal

Knowing Jesus Better: Lenten Devotional from Foundations for Laity Renewal February 13, 2013

The Christian season of Lent begins today, Wednesday, February 13. During the forty-six days of Lent, Christians throughout the world renew their devotion to God in a wide variety of practices and disciplines. This season invites us to draw near to God and, especially, to prepare ourselves for a fresh experience of Good Friday and Easter.

During Lent, Christians often focus on the life of Jesus, remembering his life, reviewing his teachings, and renewing their passion for him. There is no hard and fast rule about this, but it is common among believers in Jesus in a wide variety of Christian expressions and denominations.

I have been part of a team that has prepared a Lenten Devotional with the theme: Knowing Jesus Better. My colleagues and I at Foundations for Laity Renewal have written forty-six devotions, one for each day of Lent (plus an extra for Easter Sunday). Our intent has been to help people like you get to know Jesus better during this special season of the year.

There is no charge for this devotional. You can download a PDF version from this page of The High Calling website. You are welcome to use this devotional individually, or with your family, small group, or class. We are glad to make it available to you.

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