Loving the Faceless Portrait

Loving the Faceless Portrait August 13, 2014

Faceless portraits seem like they’re all the rage these days – and at Art House America, Lindsay Crandall talks about why she loves them, and includes a number of hers:

Last year, as more people began asking me to take their picture, I sort of stumbled into portrait photography. I started a small photography business and began accepting clients this spring. And for a while, I gave up the faceless portrait. I was sure no one wanted that. A photographer should capture smiles, I thought. It never occurred to me, after years of taking faceless portraits, that people would expect that from me or that it would be something they wanted.

Giving it up felt like a betrayal, like I wasn’t being true to myself as an artist. Faces are important, yes, and I would never think to leave them out, especially for my clients. But I quickly realized that I shouldn’t give up my style or what I love to photograph just because people are paying me for it. I need to take the faceless portrait. I love it.

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