Review: The Stars Within The Earth

Review: The Stars Within The Earth March 22, 2018

Many people may be familiar with Storm Faerywolf’s Betwixt & Between, which in my opinion was one of the best occult books printed in 2017. But less are aware of The Stars Within the Earth. In an interview with Faerywolf I wrote, “With the heart of a poet, a soothing lyrical voice and the ecstatic ritual drama of a mystic – these qualities cannot help but make their way into his magick and writing as it just radiates from his soul naturally.” The Stars Within the Earth is a prime example of that. Written in 2003 and independently printed, this is a book of prayers, invocation, spells and poetry.

Written with a passion on par with Sufi mystics, these verses show a glimpse into the ecstatic mysticism of Storm’s practice and experiences. The more my own ecstatic practices of mysticism in my Craft develop, the more I’m finding that many experiences and epiphanies can only be expressed through prose and art, if only to capture and preserve the slightest glimpse of the experience. Or perhaps this is because like Storm, I’m a Pisces, so I’m naturally inclined to these fields of expression. Either way, I have found much inspiration reading and meditating on these poems and prayers provided within The Stars Within the Earth that I wanted to share my thoughts on it, in hopes that it will be just as powerful for others regardless of whether or not they are Faery/Feri Tradition Witches or not.

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