Review: Utterly Wicked

Review: Utterly Wicked December 15, 2018

Utterly Wicked: Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions by Dorothy Morrison is one of the most important books that I own in my library. It’s a book that I think every serious witch and magickal practitioner should own, even if you have no interest or desire in casting curses or hexes. In fact, I first learned about this book years ago in a workshop I took about protective and defensive magick. It was recommended reading so that you can identify and understand various forms of curses and hexes. A doctor needs a diagnosis of one’s ailments before she can assist a patient and the same is true for malevolent magick. The book is very comprehensive on these subjects.

Utterly Wicked serves as a how-to when it comes to cursing and hexing, as you would expect. However, it also provides tons of information on reversing and curing those conditions when they’re done to you or someone else. There’s a good balance between teaching offensive and defensive magick throughout its pages. Morrison is well known for her charming and entertaining writing style, and this book, despite its darker subject matter, is no exception.

It’s obvious that a lot of the spells and curses provided come from her own experience and need to craft them. For example, there’s an automobile curse in the book and she writes that “It’s perfect for the guy who seems to love his vehicle more than you!” It’s hard to think that with a description like this that the curse wasn’t crafted from personal experience and need. Some of her spells are absolutely brilliant. Morrison’s Swifting Ritual in the book is one of the most ingenious magickal ideas I’ve come across and it’s highly effective.


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