Video: The Most Important Tool Of The Modern Witch

Video: The Most Important Tool Of The Modern Witch January 30, 2019

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One of the things that really stood out for me recently was how many people thought my Rebuttal to Doreen Virtue’s Attack On Unicorns was a serious reply and couldn’t catch on that the whole article was a tongue-in-cheek joke of a response. Thankfully, most people did understand that it wasn’t a serious article.

Witchcraft is extremely transformative and often has us confronting serious subject matters and working to heal our shadows. However, it’s completely easy to fall into the trap of taking yourself too seriously. While I’m not saying we should approach magick, occultism, or witchcraft frivolously, it’s a good idea to not take yourself too serious to the point that you can’t make fun of yourself or joke around with others. While I know witchcraft and magick as a reality, I also understand how absurd a lot of the stuff we do and think is to outsiders – and this is often a source of great personal amusement for me. I’m sure a lot of people think we’re absolutely nuts.

Maintaining an approach towards the self and your Craft as sacred and being lighthearted is a balancing act. Taking yourself too seriously can create problems with your ego and in-turn dampen the effectiveness of your magickal castings. Also, laughter is one of the best magickal defenses around and quickly raises your vibrational and emotional state. Plus, most gods and spirits enjoy humor as much as the next person. Remember that the god Pan was named so because he delighted all the gods with his musical talent and fun-loving sense of humor. But again, this doesn’t mean you should be a jokester when it’s time to perform serious rituals, devotions, or magickal workings. There’s a time for everything.

Anyways, here’s another super serious video I made a while back for my Facebook profile that seemed to get a great response from people. I have decided to finally upload it to Youtube and share it with you. I hope that you walk away from watching the video knowing one of the most powerful oath-bound secrets of Witchcraft. Use this knowledge and power wisely:

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