Video: In Defense of Witchcraft Books

Video: In Defense of Witchcraft Books January 30, 2019

Witchcraft Books
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One of my New Year resolutions was to start uploading videos on youtube. I’m not a big fan of being filmed and am super camera shy. Laura Tempest Zakroff recommended that I do what she’s doing to get comfortable with Youtube, which is to just talk into the camera for about five or six minutes straight. Which by the way, Tempest’s Youtube channel is fantastic – check it out and subscribe.

This video is in response to a comment that was left on one of my articles or reviews that the Covenant of the Goddess Facebook Page shared. I can’t remember which article it was, but for some reason the comment came to mind when thinking of what to talk about while staring into my iphone screen. The comment I’m referring to has since been deleted along with my reply, but my feelings on the topic are the same. So here is my very first in what is hopefully an ongoing series of Youtube videos.

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