Review: The Witch’s Wheel of the Year

Review: The Witch’s Wheel of the Year December 4, 2019

Like anything with wheels, a beginner is bound to fall – this applies as well to the Wheel of the Year, where many witches fall off the Wheel of the Year in their observance and participation in the eight high holidays of modern witchcraft. Jason Mankey has the remedy for this. In his new book, Witch’s Wheel of the Year: Rituals for Circles, Solitaries & Covens, he places emphasis on the components of a powerful sabbat ritual that will lead to meaningful experiences for all involved, even if that’s a ritual of one. As with any Mankey book, you’re going to be learning a lot of the history and origins of the subject at hand – and you’re bound to learn new things about the sabbats that will dispel misinformation you might have about them.

Jason’s writing style is jovial yet reverent, well-researched yet approachable. The beauty of this particular book that sets it above other books on this topic is that Jason shares three rituals per sabbat; a solitary ritual, a coven ritual, and a larger group ritual – as well as insights and advice for each style of ritual from his own experience throughout the years. He captures the heart of each sabbat and its meaning for us as modern day witches depending on what their intention for the ritual may be. Whether you perform the rituals straight from the book or simply use it to inspire your own, Witch’s Wheel of the Year: Rituals for Circles, Solitaries & Covens makes a fantastic addition to any witch’s library as it’s sure to strengthen and deepen their attunement and connection to the natural cycles of the year.



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