WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Busy Christmas, Defining the New Year

WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Busy Christmas, Defining the New Year December 29, 2014

paper boyA Monday roundup of great articles that are worth your time to read, ponder, share, or even argue with.  This week’s list:

  1. Brighter Bulbs for Christmas Busyness. Some thoughts to keep in mind for next year’s celebrations: “No matter how frayed, pushed, fearful, or stressed your Christmas seems this year, you can choose joy, plug in excellence, and make a brilliant difference for Christ.”
  2. Hey, Bosses, Stop Giving Bonuses to Your Employees.  “If you give people an incentive scheme, they will do their best to game it. They will do their best to do the bare minimum required to get the goodie they are promised, instead of doing good work because doing good work is inherently valuable and interesting.”
  3. What Do You Think Will Define 2015?  Phi Beta Kappa wants to know, especially as it concerns higher education.
  4. Walking the Thin Red Line: Facilitating the Flourishing of Others. We check back in with Sapientia: “Sometimes the endurance of suffering accomplishes the flourishing of another image-bearer.”
  5. A Spiritual Awakening for the Church: ….and, we also check back in with Work Life for this call to faith-work integration.
  6. Where is God on Monday? Why we so badly need to connect faith to work. (Requires a Leadership Journal subscription to read the full article…sorry. But the free part is still good.)
  7. Morality and Profit. Confucius on whether there is anything money can’t buy.
  8. Serving the Vulnerable and Marginalized: Profiles from the Gospel Coalition of 5 women united by this mission.
  9. The Surprising Link Between Church Attendance and Job Satisfaction: A new study says there is quite a connection.
  10. The Value of Rest and Renewal: Review of an “oldie but goodie” book on how to find balance.

Image: “Extra, Extra (The Paper Boy),” John George Brown. Courtesy of the Grohmann Museum at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

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