Six Videos That Help You Understand LGBTQ Christians

Six Videos That Help You Understand LGBTQ Christians February 27, 2017

The experience of LGBTQ people in the church is often fraught with conflict. When a person comes out, their newfound safety in God comes often at the expense of safety within their community. To better understand what it is like, for them and their loved ones, we recommend watching these videos:


“Through My Eyes”: True stories of young gay Christians.

This documentary features interviews with young people who have seen their lives personally affected by the debate over homosexuality in the church.


Rev. Dr. Paula Williams at the 2017 Gay Christian Network Conference.

Paula Stone Williams is a former megachurch preaching pastor. She was assigned male at birth, and prior to coming out and transitioning she worked for 35 years with the Orchard Group, a church planting ministry in New York.


“Just Because He Breathes” – The Story of Rob & Linda Robertson.

This is the brave story of a Christian couple who loved their son deeply, the only way they knew how. His coming out and subsequent death turned them into staunch advocates for the LGBTQ Community.


How A Southern Baptist Pastor Changed His View on Homosexuality.

Pastor Danny Cortez tells the story of how God prepared him, through years of ministry and friendship with LGBTQ people, to fully embrace his own son when he came out—even when it meant being expelled from the Southern Baptist Convention.


“Two Dirty Words” – Justin Lee on Christianity, Race, and LGBTQ People.

Justin Lee grew up Evangelical and came out as gay in college. His book Torn tells the story of how after years of torment, his study of Scripture led him to self-acceptance. In this video he speaks about why Christians are called to care and fight for the marginalized.


A Lecture on Gender Complementarity.

Dr. James Brownson, a Bible scholar and theology professor, delivers a lecture on gender complementarity and biblical interpretation at The Reformation Project. As a bonus, for more scholarly work, be sure to also listen to his two-part lecture on Romans 1:24-27, here and here. For deeper insight into the issue, we highly recommend Brownson’s book Bible, Gender, Sexuality.   


We’ll always be limited in our ability to love others until we take the time to hear their stories. Share this page with others who need to hear real stories of LGBTQ Christians and their allies.

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