Three Questions for American Muslims: Hussein Kanji

Three Questions for American Muslims: Hussein Kanji September 7, 2011

The Muslim Portal at Patheos  is hosting the “Three Questions” project for the month of September in conjunction with the tenth anniversary of the terrorist acts of 9/11.  We are asking American Muslims from across the nation three simple but important questions. Click here to learn more about the project.

Hussein Kanji, an entrepreneur and advisor to several start-ups with a technology/business resume too impressive to sum up here, offers his answers to the three questions:

1. What is the most pressing issue or concern for you as a Muslim in America today, 10 years after the tragedy of 9/11?

N/A. Am in UK now.

2. In what ways – inwardly /or outwardly – did 9/11 change you or affect you?

Yes. [It] made me realize our community is even more screwed up than I thought. The religion may not have real problems, but the people certainly do. The house is certainly not in order. The people I studied with in Yemen were not just bite, but bark. Plus [I realized after 9/11 that] more and more Americans would get alienated from an already foreign and misunderstood religion. And Muslims too.

Personally, [I] had a lot more to learn about my faith – in a good way (unlike statements above). Not all fundamentalism is bad fundamentalism, but it takes a lot of intellectual energy to figure it out.

3. What do you think non-Muslim Americans most need to know about Muslims?

One billion people can’t all be the same. There is a spiritual and intellectual strain in the religion. Its just drowned out by all the fundamentalism and cultural crap.

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