November 17, 2019

The law of attraction is a popular concept, with celebrity endorsements and all kinds of seminars that are built upon using the principle of the LOA to make your life more fulfilling in whatever capacity you feel you are lacking. But is this philosophy true, and is it truly helpful? Read more

November 11, 2019

Your channeled messages for the full moon in Taurus. Read more

November 8, 2019

Why money magick doesn’t always manifest the way you want it to, and what to do about it. Read more

October 27, 2019

Work with the spirit of Fire this Samhain to bring protection and blessings to your home. Read more

October 26, 2019

The new moon this month occurs in the sign of Scorpio. The energies of this new moon will affect communication and abundance especially within relationships. It’s important to be very aware of what you want from your life and to not get sidetracked. There could be conflict surrounding different needs in relationships with others. Try to be respectful of what others need from you while also honoring what you need, as well. Below are the messages I’ve channeled for you… Read more

October 24, 2019

A guide to dream interpretation. Read more

October 20, 2019

Anyone who has experienced sleep paralysis, visions and all, has experienced the liminal space between dreaming and waking. Read more

October 20, 2019

Why Spirit Contact Should Begin With Ancestors, The Role of Reincarnation, and more. Read more

October 11, 2019

Your channeled messages for the Aries Full Moon. Read more

October 10, 2019

True Magic by Cyndi Brannen- A Review Read more

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