The Image Rehab of One Josh Duggar

The Image Rehab of One Josh Duggar March 18, 2017
Screen cap of Facebook
Screen cap from Facebook of a faked photo of Josh Duggar

When it was announced late this week that Anna and Josh Duggar were expecting again it immediately started conversation on message boards speculating two things.

1 – How long before Josh re-offends?

He had a long history of bad behavior his parents have swept under the rug, starting with his molesting his sisters and the other victim, through the rumors he looked at porn on campaign computers for another politician through his Ashley Madison exposure, hookups and shenanigans. Add in all the sightings of Josh at Arkansas and D.C. area strip clubs and this seems to be a long-established pattern. Unlikely that his six months at a pray the porn away work camp had much of a dent on his desires. It seems like since he did not receive real legitimate treatment from a mental health professional that he’s primed to do something like this again.

2 – This is the start of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s newest attempts to force Josh on the viewing public.

They’ve only been attempting to add him back to the family franchise whenever they can, starting with that ill-advised Fox News interview with Megan Kelly before the Ashley Madison exposure. Seems likely this announcement would be another attempt to foist Josh into the public eye again with some fake ‘redemption’ story.

Today it came out that the official Duggar mouthpiece – People Magazine – has a big story with Josh and Anna explaining how sorry, how redeemed and how changed Josh is. The first shot on the Duggar Publicity Tour leading to either Josh’ reappearance on his family television show, or perhaps another Duggar television show focusing on the redemption of Josh.

Puke. From the People Magazine piece.

He was spotted at a family gathering for a close friend’s birthday in early September, where he posed for a large group photo alongside his wife. Weeks later, the couple celebrated their eight-year wedding anniversary. “Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna,” the Duggar family wrote alongside a photo of the couple. “We are so thankful for God’s redemptive love in your lives.”

It’s coming. Just about the only way to combat Josh being pushed in the face of all of us is to boycott all things Duggar, let TLC know that adding Josh into the show is beyond unacceptable and inappropriate. Allow them to work on their redemption away from the glare of the television lights.

Still no word on the lawsuit filed against Josh from the DJ whose photographs he was using on Ashley Madison and other dating sites.

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  • Mel

    I think the most likely outcome of returning Josh’s family to the show is showing Anna and the five kids with Josh conspicuously missing because “he’s at work” or whatever BS TLC decides to use to explain this.

    I haven’t watched past the first season of “Counting On” – in part because even while I was recovering from a minor head injury I found the show mind-numbingly boring – but the first season did a decent job of keeping JB-n-M sidelined off camera even when one or both of them were present. Plus, Josh was probably home during a few of the episodes since you can hear one of the undifferentiated younger boys yell, “Josh! Think fast!” and heave a duffel bag at him somewhere off camera to the left…..

    JB and Michelle really have two choices: They can attempt to thrust Josh back into the limelight and hopefully grab some more of the spotlight by controlling the star-power of the “Redeemed Family” while risking losing what power they have cobbled together after the girls have restarted the series if Josh fucks up OR have Josh hang around like the Phantom of the Opera in the wings and JB-n-M slowly lose TV time once Jana either refuses to be married off or is finally married.

    Since JB-n-M are spotlight-crazed meglomanics, I’m betting the “Josh is redeemed!” theme continues.

  • SAO

    Josh is probably a typical product of quiverful-style families. He knows what to say, how to act. I suspect he’s pretty glib with Jesus patter and phrases like redemption. He avoids the restrictions of the lifestyle by sneaking. He’s the ultimate hypocrite.

    I doubt he will ever reform, because that would require figuring out and standing uo for who he is and what he believes in — risking a storm of disapproval when hypocrisy has served him well so far.

    My observation is that Josh-types are often parental favorites, rather than the kids who take the whole thing more seriously. Or maybe, the favorites get away with their acts.

  • Mollywog

    I’m really curious, has Josh had to register as a sex offender? Probably not since none of this ever went through proper legal channels. And I still feel sorry for poor brainwashed Anna. Even if you only look at this in a Biblical sense, he HAS broken part of the 10 Commandments, and surely no reasonable person would blame her for divorcing him. Oh wait, we aren’t dealing with reasonable people here….

  • AFo

    Fundy land may forgive and forget, but the rest of us should not. We should constantly remind the world that this man is in no way godly; he is a child molester, adulterer, and porn addict whose wife only stayed with him because she was basically brainwashed into it. The only reason he’s “repented” is because the gravy train was drying up, not because he’s actually sorry.

  • AuntKaylea

    Several states require conviction of felony level sex offenses to be placed on the sex offenders registry for a lifetime, or an established habitual offense. Several states place the misdemeanor sexual offense count at four or more, but allow for the court to excuse registration requirements for these misdemeanors after a period of time.

    So, for example, someone in Utah can plead to one count of sexual misconduct with a child (a misdeamenor level offense) and have other counts dismissed in the agreement and never be placed on the sexual offenders registry.

  • AKFletch

    I don’t quite get why No Longer Quivering cares what Quiverful does with their surrealistically weird people. Seems like ‘rehabilitating’ Josh just reinforces how hypocritical their belief system is? Why aren’t you ALREADY ‘boycotting’ TLC for any number of prior and current offences?

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Nice assuming there. I think it’s pretty safe to say that many people here are not watching TLC. Personally I cannot wait the channel because it seems to be all about exploiting midgets, rural types and religious nuts.

    The Duggars are the most famous of the QF families so as long as they are hypocritically fame whoring and trying to garner publicity and money from a gullible public we’re going to follow their doings here. We’re always going to report on the doings of the more prominent QF like the Duggars because they are trying to pass off their doings as Godly.

  • texassa

    What a nasty family.