Quoting Quiverfull: Pharmacists Baby-Murdering Abortionists?

Quoting Quiverfull: Pharmacists Baby-Murdering Abortionists? August 30, 2017

quotingquiverfullby Tim Bayly from Out of Our Minds – Abortion Providers: Planned Parenthood and Kroger….

Editor’s note: Bayly is trying to make the case that all chemical birth control is an abortifacient. Great, why stop at wanting to harass innocent pharmacists for filling birth control prescriptions? Why not arrest all men that masturbate for killing off millions of potential babies, or anyone that uses a life-saving drug that impacts fertility levels? Where does this straining gnats behavior end?

Meanwhile, at the local Kroger, CVS, and Walmart, not everyone is buying over-the-counter morning-after pills or picking up their birth control prescriptions.

Yet the pharmacists presiding over this bloody business know very well that hormonal birth control doesn’t just prevent babies from being conceived. It also kills babies who have already been conceived.

This has been known so long and repeated so often that I should not have to do it again here, but alas, some of my fellow pastors continue to deny that ECPs and most forms of birth control function also as abortifacients.

Yet the evidence for their causing abortions is unimpeachable. Most forms of birth control used by women have a partial agency of preventing a newly-conceived baby from attaching herself to the wall of her mother’s uterus.

All this is followed with ravings about how preventing a fertilized egg from implanting is the same as a late-term abortion. But here’s what Bayly fails to consider. A rough estimate based on established medical research on the number of fertilized eggs fail to implant is around 50%. Meaning that God Himself is an abortionist by Bayly’s own metric.

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