Can’t Read to Neurosurgeon Fairy Tales – Examining the Comments at The Transformed Wife

Can’t Read to Neurosurgeon Fairy Tales – Examining the Comments at The Transformed Wife September 16, 2017

LoriscommentersWe’ve looked at the commenters before at Lori Alexander’s blog The Transformed Wife. Usually it’s something by an authoritative male figure lacking any finesse or logic, like her husband Ken or internet defender Trey. But today let’s look at the comments by some of the ladies on her recent posting telling everyone that thinks Joy Duggar is too young and uneducated to have children to shut up.

Anon M – Self Described Duggar Defender Troll

Michael Pearl has pointed out about some Amish women in their community wishing to homeschool their kids. And they don’t go to school after the age of 13 and often can’t read well, etc. But somehow they end up raising highly intelligent kids. Some going on to become neurologists and cardiologists with very good incomes. Their education was poor, but they have a mother who taught them persistence, determination, problem solving, etc. And they often came out top of the class. Amazing considering they generally aren’t taught after 13 and are then expected to run the family farm or business alongside their parents. So “college education” has NOTHING to do with it. Their success in life is largely influenced by the parents.

Candice – A Rational Commenter – Surprised Lori hasn’t deleted her comment

I think the commenter meant they were denied because they were never even given the option of whether they wanted to go to college or not. My husband was in the same circle as the Duggars and he said that in their family the girls simply aren’t allowed to go. Same as with jobs, they cannot work a standard job and never had the choice as to if they wanted or not. It is the lack of choice that make people uncomfortable, and I can understand that. They have some very smart girls who I’m sure gave quiet dreams and aspirations of their own, but instead they are home helping their Mama care for the kids, and never having an actual choice about what they want to do, experience or learn in life.

We didn’t expect or demand our kids to go to college, but we did insist they learn a skill or trade in line with their talents and passion that they could use to suppprt themselves or fall back on if need be, as their father and I will not be able to financially support them and their families should something happen. We barely get by as it is.

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