Exposed Arms Are Sinful?

Exposed Arms Are Sinful? July 4, 2018
Bare upper arms – Porn for Evangelical Quiverfull men, just arms to everyone else.

Happy 4th of July!

This is an effort to show that it is not just the Lori Alexander’s of this world pushing very toxic messages but also those with much less of an audience. I will be sharing more new blogs with some crazy Evangelical Quiverfull messages as I come across them. This one comes to us because Bruce Gerencser of The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser recently featured her free form strangeness. Sue Botchie of No Wonder People Walk tries to claim that sleeveless dresses are immodest, luring men in the workplace into sin.

What is it about Evangelicals that makes them think it’s upon them to police force the entire world? Why do the men have to be protected like some silly little pre-teen girls?

At least she didn’t fat shame anyone I guess?

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  • al kimeea

    Ankles are also extremely lust inducing. They must be covered to prevent pregnancies…

  • Aloha

    As a fat hog, I’m quite content to wear what’s in my closet. We fat girls don’t deserve new dresses; and, as you say, they’re all made for pretty thin girls. So I just wear the old dresses already in my closet … things that I’ve had since my teens. Of course, I’ve packed on some pounds since then! Now all the dresses are super tight and form-fitting.

    Oh? That’s not OK either? Ummm, you’re a little hard to please, Lori.

  • LaMaria

    Hey, no insulting pre-teen girls! They´ve got it tough enough as it is. I would actually be very happy with more sleeved tops/dresses, not because I think men will lose their shit when they see my guns but because it helps against sunburn.

  • epeeist

    Any different to these people?

  • Tawreos

    For those finding this one difficult to read as well.

    “Anyway, back to women’s dresses. The woman in the elevator wearing the nice spring dress was no Skinny-mini either. She said nice dresses were hard to find, and so many are sleeveless. She got that right; was looking at a catalog last night. Uhm, at 25-something sleeveless if fine outside, but in the office, in the grocery store, on the bus…the air-conditioners run. Bbrrrrt. But still, at 25-something, there is something called modesty; and it’s also about consideration for the men in the office. Men (and women) have work to concentrate upon and so do not need to see the fully exposed young arms or a whole lot of young lovely legs. Really, don’t men get enough T&A everyplace else – whether they want to see it or not?

    Isn’t it funny…NOT! The dresses in the catalogs are either sleeveless and/or have (undergarment hostile) slits up the side and/or cut too low in the front. Isn’t it strange, how oftentimes, the prettiest patterns and cuts are made of sweat-like-a-HOG synthetic fabrics! And, good luck finding a cotton slip or half-slip (that’s at least half-ways thicker than tissue) – to wear UNDER the (tissue-thin) fabric. Heaven forbid that a woman, fat or thin, young hottie or old hag would enjoy wearing what she has in her closet! As for the low necklines, they don’t belong in the office.

  • In my opinion, sun’s out, guns out!

  • Tawreos

    I think Sue is one step away from yelling at kids to get off of her lawn. Christians only have themselves to blame if they can’t find the clothes they like to wear. The want to force women to stay in the home and not work and no manly christian man would be caught dead in such an obviously homosexual field as fashion design (not the way I see it but many of them do). Unless they want to change their ways, they are going to have to wear what is available.

  • Saraquill

    Botchie, the A in T&A stands for ass, not arms. Try not to use terms unless you understand what they mean.

    Incidentally, people have nagged me for exposed arms. Due to my self-harm and excoriation disorders, they are a mess of scabs, scars, and back in the day, bruises. Onlookers weren’t concerned for my mental health so much as they didn’t want to acknowledge my issues.

  • Jennny
  • Rachel

    Low necklines are pretty easy to resolve by sticking a tank top or camisole underneath. I generally just don’t care anymore what people think about my necklines, but some just aren’t appropriate for teaching because I drop things and have to bend over a lot. I’ll add a cami for the security and to add a splash of color.

    But then again, as a fundamentalist, I was taught that that approach was immodest because people might think that maybe you choose to wear the shirt WITHOUT the cami in other settings.

  • igotbanned999

    But what about the second amendment? We all have the right to bare arms.

  • Bravo Sierra

    Exposing your arms is sinful, but concealed carry is not.

  • Mimc

    As a pale person in Florida I agree. Light weight but with sleeves is sometimes hard to find.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Now that’s a Second Amendment solution I can live with. The right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed! Why does Sue Botchie hate freedom and America and FREEEDOM?

  • AFo

    I guess they’re running out of things to complain about. Of all body parts, arms seem one of the least provocative.

  • Samantha Vimes

    Has this person never heard of layering?
    I wish I could find more sleeveless things because I sweat in my office in short sleeves and I haven’t seen 25 for a couple of decades. Arms aren’t actually all that sexy– if seeing a working woman’s arms are super distracting, you need a therapist,because that fetish is disrupting your life.

  • Nightshade

    People who focus on what a woman might wear, or not wear, in other circumstances really need to get a life!

  • lady_black

    So what if you DO wear it without the cami in other settings?

  • lady_black

    I have to admit something here… and I do not wear sleeveless tops, because I’ll be 60 on my next birthday, and although I’m not at all fat, nobody wants to see that. In the summer, I wear a short sleeved shirt, usually a T-shirt, and on the rare occasions I wear a dress that will have short sleeves, too.
    When I go to shop for groceries, or almost anything else, they have the air conditioning cranked up so high, it runs me out of the place sooner than I might like. I can understand keeping the place comfortable, but I shouldn’t be freezing in a short sleeved shirt. Does anyone else think stores should turn the AC down a few degrees, or is it just me?

  • Rachel

    Well this is the same church that taught us that you shouldn’t go to the cinema because someone might see you and assume that you saw an R-rated movie (horrors!) or go to an establishment that serves alcohol because someone might assume you’ve consumed an alcoholic beverage. They care a LOT about what you might or might not be doing when they’re not around. I am so glad to be free of that church!

  • SAO

    I am 4 years away from 60 and I am wearing a tank top today. I don’t intend to throw it out when I hit the next big one.

  • therealcie

    Well, according to the fatphobic of the world, MY arms should never be exposed as they are fat. I too am shocked that Lori didn’t drag out the old body shaming, seeing as she so excels at it.

  • therealcie

    Fat hogs unite and bare arms!
    (I too am a fat hog.)

  • therealcie

    Just exposing your ankle could wind you up pregnant. And if you sit on a toilet while your ankle is exposed? You’re almost certain to get pregnant!

  • therealcie

    Say, I yell at the kids to get off my lawn! Or at least mind them not to fall into the drainage hole that the city dug in my yard.
    I live in a trailer park where we’re packed in like sardines. My yard is a freaking open path, and the kids trudge through it. There is literally a drainage hole, dug by the city, in my yard.

  • therealcie

    I’ve never got how anyone could find either arms or feet sexual. Arms are just there, and feet are silly.

  • therealcie

    My arms have a lot of chicken pox scars. When I had chicken pox, it covered pretty much every inch of my body. I was very careful not to scratch my face, but while I was sleeping, my arms and chest got scratched a lot. My arms are not pretty, but I don’t care. I’m hot all the time. Even in the winter, I only wear a very light jacket.

  • therealcie

    Personally, as a fat, 53-year-old broad that no-one on the planet could possibly find attractive, I have come to give not one single feck what the flock wants or doesn’t want to see. Now, I’m not going to go outside without pants because I’m not comfortable with that, but if I want to wear a short-sleeved shirt or a tank top, the flock can go eff themselves. If they don’t like what they see, they can look somewhere else.

  • lady_black

    Very true. And, when I was 53, I did too. Now it’s nothing but the crepe… and it’s just my personal preference not to.
    Now, if it’s outside, or just the family and friends, all bets are off. Or, of course, when I go to the beach, or a water park, I dress for that. And I’d sooner bare my arms than my legs.

  • lady_black

    That wasn’t the question. Don’t you get FREEZING inside a store, or even a movie theater? Back when I was in my late forties and wore anything I pleased, I worked briefly part-time at a convenience store, and I had to get long sleeved cotton sweaters to wear under my uniform because it was so cold in there.

  • lady_black

    No, I really couldn’t possibly care less what anyone thinks. Those who matter don’t mind. Those who mind don’t matter.

  • Ann Nienow Bowen

    I’m 65 and most of my tops are short sleeved or tanks. During the cooler weather I wear 3/4 length raglans. I bought some summer dresses and my favorite is a sleeveless drop waist. I’m not thin but it’s cute and cool. I was chastised by my fundamentalist step brother for wearing a tee shirt that had a family concrete business (masonry… the best lay in town) in public. I asked my husband if he was disturbed by me wearing this…and he said he was only disturbed by small minded people.

  • Ann Nienow Bowen

    Freezing is not my problem. There aren’t enough clothes to take off when my hot flashes hit.

  • lady_black

    This, too shall pass. And yes, I know exactly what you mean.

  • lady_black

    Rolling my eyes for you. Your husband is right. And you shouldn’t care, either. Tell them to kiss your behind.

  • Saraquill

    One office I worked in was as warm as a meat locker. In the archives, it made sense. The entire building, not so much. I was freezing with a shawl over a cardigan.

  • katiehippie

    I have a thing for men’s arms. Even if the guy is less than attractive I’ll notice arms.

  • Ann Nienow Bowen

    I think, 65, a nice number and why do I get these hot flashes??? But when my glasses get fogged up and the sweat is running down my temples I just wonder why my hormones just can’t behave themselves?

  • Rachel

    I definitely agree with you, but these types were pretty obsessed with preserving your “witness” or “testimony” in front of “the world,” which to them meant avoiding even the slightest hint that you might possibly do things that they don’t approve of.

    In hindsight I wonder why grocery shopping wasn’t off the table, because following their logic, someone might see them at the store and assume they’re buying a 6-pack. Just goes to show it wasn’t *actually* about preserving your image in front of the unsaved, it was just about policing each other’s behaviors and getting to pretend that you’re somehow “more spiritual” than other people because you do or don’t do some arbitrary thing.

  • Rachel

    I just realized it looks like I accidentally “downvoted” you–if I did, it certainly wasn’t intentional! I was in a low-service area for a few hours, and I may or may not have found myself sometimes randomly tapping at my screen in frustration because the connection was moving so slowly. But I certainly agree, it was a really stifling environment to grow up in and I feel very lucky to have gotten out. In the real world, people realize that you dress differently depending on the situation, and nobody cares that maybe in other settings you wear that blouse without the cami underneath. All that matters is you dress appropriately for the environment you’re currently in.

  • Rachel

    Raynaud’s seems to run in my family, so grocery shopping is pretty miserable! The cold is literally painful, so there are some grocery stores, restaurants, etc. that I just plain avoid because the pain isn’t worth whatever they’re offering. I don’t think it’s that uncommon either (one lady I know has it so bad she wears gloves to go grocery shopping) so I don’t understand why so many establishments insist on keeping it so darn cold.

  • Samantha Vimes

    Notice, yes. Not lose your ability to focus on other things, break your wedding vows, or whatever the heck other dire consequences these fundamentalists threaten women with causing men to do by being marginally attractive in public.

  • LaMaria

    Well… Their shoulders are covered, aren´t they?

  • LaMaria

    REAL Christian housewives sew their own dresses anyway, so what´s she doing looking at catalogues?

  • LaMaria

    Reminds me of Magrat telling Granny Weatherwax everyone´s naked underneath their clothes. Her response: “Not me, I got three vests on!”

  • LaMaria

    Hm, how ´bout noses? They have holes – TWO of them!

  • LaMaria

    True. Although I have VERY nice feet.

  • LaMaria

    Likely because she didn´t write this one. It´s Susie Botcher, or something like that.

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    I remember when Jesus said, “And if your right eye causes you to sin, force those shameful women to cover up their arms!”

  • SAO

    I live in a northern state. The general store near me has no AC. The radio announces places with AC in heat waves and they let the libraries stay open on more days.

  • katiehippie

    very true

  • zizania

    I recently lost a lot of weight, due to health issues. I still don’t wear sleeveless tops or dresses because I ended up with very noticeable granny flaps (aka bat wings). Maybe some day I’ll be confident enough to just wear whatever the heck I want. I had pretty much all the self-esteem squashed out of me by the time I was twelve, though, so I’m not holding my breath.

  • bekabot

    These are mostly valid gripes but they’re gripes which are valid for reasons unconnected with Men or Sin. They’d stand up quite well on their own two feet without reference to either. Just saying.

  • persephone

    I didn’t realize the A in T&A stood for arms.

  • Gestalty Bitch, Still a Prof

    I guess the T must be tibia.

  • Mollywog

    That seriously made my brain hurt just to read. Now if we’re talking super tight fighting low cut with spaghetti straps, that’s probably not appropriate, as a matter of fact there’s a thing in the dress code about just that where I work. With photos even….. and regular sleeveless tops are just fine. And this is in a state workplace where you’re seen by the public. And once again, just to keep beating that same damn dead horse, the men are distracted because they ALLOW themselves to be distracted!

  • Morgan Lefaye

    As long as I don’t have to see armpit hair, I don’t care!

  • Morgan Lefaye

    Fundies sound like a bunch of pervs!

  • Morgan Lefaye

    Yikes! Congratulations on escaping from that!

  • Morgan Lefaye

    I don’t wear shorts because I am 43 and fat. I also don’t expose my stomach or back. Nobody needs to see that.

  • B.E. Miller

    Wonder what your step-brother would have thought of a t-shirt for a ‘crane’ business that said “We’ll get it up.” (Illustration featured a crane lifting a suspiciously shaped ‘pillar’ or column.)

  • Ann Nienow Bowen

    He would tell my husband to tell me to change. And the thing of it is, he’s an electrician at WB studios and works on one of the best TV shows on Tv. He’s worked all 11 seasons and will retire at the end of this one. He has to come in contact with people not modestly dressed….We aren’t close, after my mom died he caused me grief over her trust and selling her home.

  • Anonyme

    I wonder how many men I caused to lust when I’ve worn my new Jurassic Park tank top…