Wives Make Husbands Stay Fat?

Wives Make Husbands Stay Fat? December 10, 2018

This is one of those Joy Filled Wife posts from Lori Alexander’s old blog Always Learning. The interesting thing about this particular post is that it deals with the overweight husband. Putting the control and influence on the chubby hubby directly into the hands (and blame) of the wife.

So now you are responsible for your own weight AND the weight of your spouse?

No, sorry, it’s a bit more complex than just serving him healthy foods. Wives are not responsible for everything a husband puts in his mouth. Lori knows this. Remember all the times in her book she complained about Ken’s buying and consumption of chips, ice cream, crackers and other foods Lori considers sinful?

Dealing with a husband who tends to plump, even if he does work out like a fiend, I can tell you that while serving and making healthy delicious foods available is a small part of what’s going on. Many husbands, mine included and it sounds like Ken, will go out of their way to buy those junk food items they love no matter how many healthy alternatives you offer.

Why do they do that? Lots of reasons, just like reasons that women will eat things that aren’t the best for them. Sometimes it’s comfort. It might be boredom or making oneself feel better while dealing with stress. Men eat for the same reasons women do, nagging never helps.

Are you sitting down? Alright here it goes. And that is fine, and really it is. Because it is the choice of the man! Not your choice.

While you might wish he would eat a salad instead of a Snickers bar you cannot force it. If you do you’ll likely have those nasty conversations Lori talked about in her book and website. The one where she asked if Ken wanted a salad and he snapped at her. You really do not want to provoke that type of attitude. Nagging and prodding, reminding the man that he has weight to lose will just create this sort of bad feelings.

There are so many other more important things in marriages that policing what anyone else puts in their mouths. And fat-shaming anyone never works.

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