Working Women a Generational Thing?

Working Women a Generational Thing? December 28, 2018
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Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has barely posted this last week or so. But hey, it’s the holidays. Even our posting schedule here is disrupted by travel and holidays. Today Lori is sharing a comment from one of her women should not work posts. It’s by someone that is defending Lori’s words, but most ironically is someone that Lori would throw shade at for daring to have a home business. I guess any port in the storm, or using the words of others she does not agree with to support her ideas.

The author seems to think that the whole working women phenomenon is something cooked up by our (Lori, hers and mine) generation. That’s just not so. There were working women before the 1970s when we all were teens. There have always been working women. The idea of the traditional housewife wasn’t a thing before Victorian times. In the old days women just naturally worked in whatever the family business was, from farming to stores, and there was no discussion of the Godliness of staying home.

The stay home to be Godly movement that Lori and this lady are referencing is an even newer invention than the Victorian notion of housewives. It’s really been only promoted much with the emergence of the Evangelical and Fundamentalist modern versions. I remember running across it only in the late 1980s, though I know it was likely to have been bubbling along before that.

Here’s what Lori’s commenter had to say:

Working women have always been around. The author does not seem to realize that our generation was one of the first widely exposed to feminist thought in the broader culture. For good and bad. I’m not going to lie and say that things were perfect and there wasn’t some fallout from that wave of feminism, because there were.

But movements are rarely perfect. What happens with sweeping social movements is that there is a widely swinging pendulum before it settles into a more stable pattern. We’re experiencing that right now with the ‘Me Too’ movement, years of over the top behavior by men followed by an overwhelming flood of victims coming forward. As society adjusts to the idea that women are not sexual playthings this will become less of a giant problem.

There are those of us who do remember those times, and do not remember that women were told that they must work. I remember those times women were encouraged to follow their own paths.  Sometimes that path meant staying home to raise children. Sometimes it did not.

This is not a generational thing. This is a social movement that is now perfectly normal. Women, and families, are the ones who determine their own family culture, who will work, who will stay home, who cleans, who cooks ad infinitum. As it should well be. It’s no one else’s business, it’s not Lori’s business or her commenters. It is only the business of those in that particular family.

I’m not going to debate what does and does not work for families with Lori et al. Because it’s no different now than it has ever been at any point in history. Families will do what works for them, and there is no real morality connected to those choices.

Staying home isn’t ‘Godly’ so much as it is what works for some families and that’s perfectly fine. Lori and pals simply need to stop their extra Biblical nonsense and mind their own business over unrelated families.

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