Birth Control, Pornography and Abortion Killing Marriages?

Birth Control, Pornography and Abortion Killing Marriages? March 29, 2019

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Oh boy! Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife just posted this jumbled mess with confusing timelines that purports to  show the links between abortion, birth control and pornography. Very odd she does not mention porn at all in this piece except for a quick throw away comment.

This type of thinking is what happens when you have a shut in with a poor education that spends all day sitting in front of a computer. You have crazy conspiracy theories.

Lori starts by claiming that physicians say birth control is very bad for your health. Is she quoting any prominent doctors? Yes, but sadly enough everyone she is using to substantiate her claim were physicians back in the 1800s. Sort of like pointing to cavemen beating bones on rocks and howling because they believe the sun is evil.

Where did she find these guys? Off a ridiculous film that wasn’t even a runner up in Doug Phillip’s shuttered Vision Forum film fest. Guess who one of the stars of that film is? Nancy Campbell, she of Quiverfull and insisting you use tablecloths. The title of the film is “By What Standard?” and it is filled with the type of twisting of scientific facts you’ve come to expect from anything Vision Forum or Above Rubies related. Their website is a hot mess.

This is akin to screeching out conspiracy theories and putting on your tin foil hat.

Here’s what Lori gets horribly wrong here. First of all, Margaret Sanger started working on the issues of birth control back in 1912, after years of nursing in poor communities and seeing women dying from back alley abortions and endless child bearing. By the 1930s Sanger’s focus was upon getting birth control devices legally imported into the United States.

Sanger’s primary focus was not divorcing responsibility from sex for pleasure, it was SAVING WOMENS LIVES! Which is a noble goal.

Then Lori brings out the eugenics angle. Again, if you do not understand history it’s easy to throw stones over anything. Eugenics was a popular idea throughout society, even among churches and supposedly good Christians. A fluke, a fad, that some took too far (Hitler, I’m looking at you!) before everyone pretty much agreed it was wrong.

Actually abortion numbers are down. They are at a historical all time low, you’d think the types on the anti abortion side would be happy with this, celebrating even, instead of making claims like this. My info is from the CDC, not Nancy Campbell. Better access to birth control may have something to do with that.

Comstock, father of the ‘Comstock Laws’ making abortion in American illegal all the way back into the 1800s. I cannot find anywhere online that the quote Lori is using from Comstock was ever actually uttered by him.

Lori repeats the lie that she always does – that all birth control causes abortions. That is not at all how chemical birth control mostly works. There are many types now that prevent the actual release of an egg. There is no fertilized egg to not implant.  Even if the egg is fertilized and does not implant Lori fails to realize that even happens when you’re not on birth control. Does that mean you’re sinning by aborting? Nope

Already covered many of Lori’s misunderstandings involving birth control when I reviewed her book The Power of the Transformed Wife.

How is it even possible to get this much basic information wrong?

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