Cheating Husbands Are Not Committing Adultery?

Cheating Husbands Are Not Committing Adultery? June 17, 2019

This piece by Larry Solomon is so awful emergency kittens and puppies would not do. It’s going to take a full out assault of cutesy cartoon characters and doughnuts to get past this. Screencap from YouTube

This has to be the worst Larry Solomon article from Biblical Gender Roles yet! I am not linking, but it is the one published on June 14th and titled ‘How Should a Christian Wife Deal With a Cheating Husband?’ It marks a new low in Larry’s theology, as evidenced by the pile of mental and physical diabetes referenced in the  photo.

It starts off with two different emails from two different women. Lady 1 has a husband that impregnated someone else during their separation, and she thinks is committing emotional infidelity by staying in contact with the lady in question.

Lady 2’s husband likes to drink while she’s driving him around. He also likes to visit the strip club with the guys. Lady 2 believes that just by being in a room filled with semi-naked women that her husband is committing ‘virtual adultery.’

You know, there’s nothing wrong with feeling like you do not like either situation, and it’s too much to expect you to bear in a marriage. Everyone’s emotional lines are in different places. Both women are suffering due to the choices made by their men.

So what does Larry say? That what they did and are doing is not adultery…

Nowhere in all the Bible is a married man called an adulterer simply because he is emotionally intimate or sexually intimate with a woman not his wife

Larry goes on to call such men ‘Whoremongerers’ but still claims it is not adultery, and there is no divorce exception for women married to cheating husbands.

But ladies do not have the same option. They cannot cheat according to Larry, because that would be… duh, duh, duuuuuuuuuuuh – adultery.

While Scripturally speaking, marital faithfulness for a woman toward her husband does hinge upon on her exclusively giving herself sexually to her husband there is no Biblical warrant for making the same statement of husbands toward their wives

Then Larry takes it to the worst place he can – to polygamy. Spending reams of paragraphs defending the idea that women are to have one husband and that one husband is allowed to have many wives.

The reason emotional and sexual exclusivity is never given as a criterion of marital faithfulness of a husband toward his wife is because God allows men to practice polygamy or specifically polygyny.

Larry, is there something you want to confess? Perhaps more than just your one poor addicted to pain pills disabled wife?

Then he goes on to argue that the laws in our nation against polygamy are not to be obeyed because of Jesus saying pay to Caesar what is Caesars. He interprets that to mean that the government has no business telling a man what he can and cannot do in his family.

So what is a ‘cheating husband’ in Larry-Land?

God’s definition of a cheating husband is a man that does not provide his wife with the necessities of life including sexual relations.

Oh brother! We’re back to his organs of generation yet again! Excuse me while I run to.. emmm, errr, what’s a polite way to say this? Regurgitate. This is all very sickening, and there’s not word one about the love of God, or the mercy of Christ in any of it.

Why do all these guys spend more time than pornography addicts thinking about sex? Castration is starting to look like an attractive option right now for some of these men.

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