Mansplaining Periods and Other Lori Alexander Misunderstandings of Reproduction

Mansplaining Periods and Other Lori Alexander Misunderstandings of Reproduction August 3, 2019

One thing is for sure, Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife must have either never taken biology classes or she slept through the bits on human reproduction. She wrote a long piece based upon the claim of another science-less wonder of a writer, claiming various wrong things. Like that hormonal birth control pills cause teeny-tiny abortions. Don’t you just love it too when men show up to mainsplain periods?

Historical revisionist?

Plus you have this to start, something that is completely counter to what Lori claimed in her book “The Power of the Transformed Wife”

My mother never offered us birth control in high school. She taught us to save ourselves for our future husbands, so we did. We knew our virginity and future ability to have children within the bonds of marriage were something to treasure.

Umm, actually Lori claimed in her book that her mother never warned her about submarine races, raging hormones and the opposite sex. It sounded like her mother had given her exactly no guidance beyond saying ‘Stay pure’. But historical revision is one of Lori’s specialties.

Common Evangelical lies about birth control

For all who want to tell me that they HAVE to take birth control pills, I want to tell you that, no, you don’t. The side effects are numerous and all the pill does is mask the symptoms. Go to a Naturopath and get to the root of your problems. Begin cleaning up your diet and eating whole, nourishing foods the way God created them to be eaten. Cut out sugar, junky oils, processed foods, and all of the other things that are health and gut destroying.

I can tell you first hand how ill informed and wrong this is. I had to have a complete hysterectomy after my hematocrit levels kept falling with each of my cycles and they had to start giving me treatments for anemia. Turns out I had a low level bleeding disorder that is genetic and a back tilted uterus. In other words nothing that would EVER be fixed with diet. The pill helped, but not enough to prevent the surgery. No Naturopath could have helped.

My story isn’t even that unusual. Many women end up with reproductive issues that cannot be cured with organic food or supplements. Sometimes the answer is the pill. They should not have to feel ashamed of treating a medical condition from a woman with the scantiest of real education.

Then we get to this:

The pill can cause young women to be infertile. It can cause them to abort embryos (newly created human beings). It causes many other things and are toxic to the human body. It has led to the slaughtering of millions of unborn babies, because it has made babies disposable, unwanted, and inconveniences.

Does the pill cause infertility? Not according to the National Institute of Health, just according to a bunch of anecdotal bloggers short of any scientific proof. According to the research at the NIH 30% will conceive during their first full cycle off the pill and 80% by one year of those trying to get pregnant.

But the biggest most egregious lie here is Lori’s words on pills causing abortions.  This indicates a basic misunderstanding how many pills work, which is by preventing the release of an egg to be fertilized in the first place. There is no abortion or miscarriage if there is no fertilized egg or egg release, just a bunch of sperm all dressed up with nowhere to go. No ovulation means no baby.

Below are screen caps from people both pushing back on Lori’s ideas and one very misguided man trying to mansplain how lady parts work to women! See the absolute cruelty in Lori’s answer to a dear lady with health issues that makes a pregnancy risky to both her and a baby. Jesus wept yet again. Very mean-spirited woman. Dumb and mean is no way to live your life.

Mansplaining and cruelty

Condoms causing cancer??

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