Teenagers Are Evil? Churches Filled With Depravity?

Teenagers Are Evil? Churches Filled With Depravity? August 2, 2019

Recently I was poking around at Michael and Debi Pearl’s website No Greater Joy website looking around at Michael Pearl’s speaking schedule and what scanty information there is there about his supposed stem cell therapy. I ran across this,  a screed on the evils of teenagers and how to protect your teens against depravity.

The reason I was looking for Michael’s stem cell treatments is that recently I’ve had tests run to determine if I have something different going on with my health. One of my friends with the same ailment added me to a stem cell treatment list, and I have to say that flying to another country to get a treatment that may or may not work that the AMA does not recognize does not appeal to me. Sorry to side track…Be very careful to research any medical treatment someone tries to recommend. So much woo out there.

But I found this instead. First the question.

Question: “What conversations can we have with our 9-year-old daughter and our 11-year-old son to inoculate them from the sexual perversions they will come across in the church, etc.?”

Wait, what? I know there are pastors and youth group leaders found to molest kids, but the way the question is worded makes it sound like a certainty instead of the bad luck of the draw?

Not my first worry with my kids when they were that age. Sure, teach them to have bodily autonomy and healthy boundaries. But sexual perversions in church is sort of a stretch to immediately go there before anything else.

So does Mikey have a good solutions? Well, let’s see. He starts babbling about some teens being evil and dark-sided. First he orders parents to be it all and provide it all. Nice way to create the ultimate in no win situations, Mikey so you don’t have to actually come up wtih real solutions.

Read and reread the following statement: You must meet all the social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of your children before they are tempted.

No, no, NO! This thinking that one or two people can meet all of the needs of children is so wrong I cannot even completely break it down here. Community is needed for that to happen. His ‘advice’ is a handy-dandy blame the parents for when it inevitably goes all wrong.

You cannot let a vacuum of companionship and approval develop in your children’s lives. If you do, they will be willing at the first opportunity to lower their standards to gain the approval and acceptance necessary to be part of a social order. Further, if they don’t have good friends who are good, they will make good friends of the bad boys and girls that enter their circle of acquaintances. I have noticed in our own church, when visitors come with their young teenage kids, the discontent and rebellious among them will always locate one particular teenager among our own who is equally unhappy. A kid exuding darkness will walk into a room, survey it, and immediately be drawn to like spirits. It will happen every time. In five minutes you will see them standing off on their own, talking quietly. Either kid would be angry if you tried to monitor his social life, for they can only find kinship in unapproved darkness.

Michael does not understand that part of learning to be a fully functional human is learning to deal on your own with different types of people. When you purposely isolate your children you rob them of  opportunity to learn that skill.

After a verbal introduction into the intoxicating experience of sexual experimentation has stirred their curiosity and lust, they will then seek a time and place to journey down the dark path of personal experience. It may be the path to the upstairs bedroom, or the kids’ “play house” in the back yard. It may be in the garage of a friend or in the woods or empty lots, but be sure, when kids want to skulk away to a dark corner to drink from the devil’s cup, they will find opportunities where you are sure none exist. If they are determined, there is no such thing as protecting them. You cannot build enough fences without; you must build fences within.

Michael sees porn and perversion behind every tree, yet never mentions the most likely scenario – where a child is abused by a clergy member, or leader. That is the real problem with not teaching your children at much younger than 9 years old that they have the right to say no to someone else attempting to use their body. Teach good boundaries and body image from as early as you can. Don’t wait to do it with “Yell and Tell”

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