Doug Wilson is Still a Racist?

Doug Wilson is Still a Racist? July 31, 2019

And water is still wet.

For the last few days Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog has been chewing the ecclesiastical scenery. Why? For not being racist enough, oopps, he says ‘White friendly’ He’s highly upset that someone connected with both the Church of England and the Southern Baptists has said we need to repent from white culture. In other words Doug Wilson is still a racist.

Read this statement by the other gentleman Doug is complaining about and tell me it’s somehow anti white people?

“Perhaps the best thing you can do to start is to take a humble posture, recognizing that you have a racialized worldview of which you are likely unaware. Your beliefs, attitudes, and values have been formed in ways deeply informed by whiteness.”

You can read the entire article only at the WayBack Machine because by the time Doug started agitating on how unacceptable it was of Matthew J Hall to say those things about racism and the death of innocent African Americans the cowardly Southern Baptist Convention machine pulled it down. The article is over three years old and was written in the wake of the Philandro Castile. So for three years it was acceptable to say that whites need to look at their own roles in white entitlement and racism, but not it’s not?

It’s actually more important than ever for people of faith to examine their thought life, and possible racism and make sweeping changes.

Doug goes on to rant about how slavery is still a thing in parts of the world, and how it was thing here too. Stopping just sort of calling for it again. He justifies racism and a laundry list of awful things in his piece of word salad. His readers chimed in via email to somehow linked this all to effeminate men and homosexuality in a follow up post.

The last time I saw someone work so hard to claim privileged and denigration of others is in the recent comments of our President Donald Trump in his remarks about our representatives, the people of Puerto Rico, the children and mothers he’s caged, remarks about third world nations, and the Mexican people.

Three years ago no one blinked an eyelash at Hall’s words. Now they’ve been pulled down and openly racist thugs like Doug Wilson are hurt by those worlds right in their snowflake lady parts.

I am reminded of George Wallace and Klansmen.

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