Open Thread COVID 19, Rotten Rabbits and Rotten Beliefs

Open Thread COVID 19, Rotten Rabbits and Rotten Beliefs April 15, 2020

And time marches on under our stay at home orders and worry. I am noticing that people seem bound and determined to belief the strangest of things right now.

What do I mean? I am seeing people I have known in the past to be reasonable, responsible, logical people making claims and almost fighting to the death on social media over what looks like fear mongering resources.

We talk about resuscitation or ventilation but a lot of people don’t really know what it’s about.
➤ is an oxygen mask put in your mouth while you enjoy lying down thinking about your life.
The invasive ventilation for COVID19 (intubation that is done under general anesthesia) consists of staying 2 to 3 weeks without moving, often upside down (ventral decubitus) with a tube buried in the mouth until the trachea and that allows you to breathe to the rhythm of the machine it is connected to.
You can’t talk or eat or do anything naturally.
The discomfort and pain you feel need the administration of sedatives and painkillers to ensure tube tolerance for as long as the patient needs the machine to breathe all this during an artificial coma.
In 20 days of this “soft treatment” in a young patient the loss of muscle mass is 40 % and re-education will be 6 to 12 months, associated with mouth or strings vowels.
This is why old or already fragile people can’t stand it!

Example: Ventilators and being intubed. This is one of the many Facebook posts I’ve seen posted by friends that involves intubation. This is the least wrong of them, yet it’s wrong on so many things, like they usually do not turn you upside down to do this. This was accompanied by a photo of a man face down on a special inflatable mattress designed to minimize bed sores and pressure points. Not a fun, happy thing to have happen to you, but not the death knell nervous people are claiming either. It’s only used when you cannot effectively breath on your own. They sedate you so you are mostly unaware of it happening. It does save the lives of many who would die without it. Like I keep telling friends, look at the science, look at legitimate medical sources instead of unproven websites that could be run by anyone with a wifi connection.

Plus now I am seeing Christian friends embracing much more strongly the most unbalanced of ideas. Just today I’ve talked to old friends who were promoting the entire Flat Earth idea and trying to link it to COVID 19. With easy debunk-able theories straight out of non-science crackpot central.

Then there was this one. A blog run by someone that seems like the wheels have completely come off their bus and they’re making things up again, Arnold. Claims of sex trafficking and organ harvesting all along the U.S. border. I have a friend that believes this, sort of, until I pointed out a few things to her, like the fact that the video is a glommed together mess of easily obtained Google images and sci fi film clips.

Then there’s this by she would may not be named whining about her one layer simple cotton mask:

If she cannot even handle a simple single layer cotton mask she’s in for a huge nasty pile of karmic realignment if she catches this thing and ends up in the hospital.

Which brings me to the rotten bunnies. It’s that time of the year again, the roughly six times a year when Michael and Debi Pearl publish a new No Greater Joy magazine. Since Mike’s stroke their magazine seems to have hit a snag, far fewer articles, and a great deal of repetition and repackaging.

Today Debi retells that awful story of the many months Michael went rabbit hunting and brought back befouled rotting rabbits at the end of the day because he could not be bothered to field dress the carcasses. She manages to bash all men for having obsessional natures (she thinks) and links it all to her enormous horror show of a book on brains “Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity” A few selections:

“From my female perspective, men are a different race, very difficult for us more emotionally balanced females to understand. To prove this statement, I would like to bring to your attention one very irritating male quirk: they readily become obsessed with something—their jobs, a project (meaningful or otherwise), a sport or hobby, or any number of “I’m too busy” ventures.”

Not all men, Debi. Just the violent mentally unbalanced ones.

“Why am I badmouthing my husband about something he did 48-plus years ago? Well, memories might be old, but so am I, and they are still in my brain just as fresh as the day he handed his new bride that first batch of six dead rabbits. The weekly round of rotten rabbits deeply grooved the areas of my brain that control smell, gag reflex, hands trying to clean the foul creatures, studying recipes to cook them, etc. I smile as I look back on those crazy days; I smile when the word “rabbit” comes up and he tries to hide his embarrassed, guilty expression; and I smile as I write to all you SANE females. I want you to know you are not alone in your quandary of having a husband that is too obsessed to do what he should be doing when he should be doing it.”

Why is Debi doing this? Because subtly impugning Michael is her only way of payback instead of, oh, actually having that conversation with him to knock it off or field dress the rabbits the first or second time he does it.

“If God gave this drive to men, then he must have given females the means to have a woman-reaction that is both resourceful and constructive.

The big question is how do we as stable, hard-working, family-committed wives respond positively and creatively to what feels to us like an unhealthy male imbalance?

This judgmental feeling will often cause us females to take personal offense. In the natural course of things, we will cultivate feelings that cause us to criticize and exercise self-pity.”

Because what she’s describing here is clearly some mental glitch of Michael’s does not mean this is universal! And we end up here again, Debi claiming that not having positive thoughts all the time kills off brain cells.

” The brain actually changes physical structure when we dwell in bitterness, pity, and other negative thoughts. These negative feelings and emotions are responsible for releasing destructive hormones (neurotransmitters) that restructure the brain, making us mentally weak and emotionally unbalanced. Crazy comes from somewhere. The physical damage in the brain can be seen on a scan. Our husband’s obsession or even his selfishness is not what damages our brain; it is our response that releases the destructive neurotransmitters. Once the brain cycle starts, it is difficult to reprogram.”

This is all starting to sound like the start of a zombie movie, a virus and dead brain cells.

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