Open Thread COVID 19 Homeschooling in the Time of Pandemic

Open Thread COVID 19 Homeschooling in the Time of Pandemic April 16, 2020

Screen cap from a report on yesterday’s COVID 19 protest in Lansing, Michigan. The station is Sinclair owned so I’m surprised they sounded so middle of the road. Yes, people in Michigan were demanding an end to social isolation and the reopening of business. Here’s hoping Governor Whitmer stands strong and resists these awful people!

One thing is for sure, the many shelter in place orders and the closing of many public school systems has thrown something on a monkey wrench into the plans of many. Add in the confusion of differing school systems handling the pandemic closings across the spectrum and no one knows what is the best way to proceed. People are having to homeschool who have never considered it before.

Some school systems are offering classes online, and many different online resources to help keep your students on track. Some schools are not providing any lesson plans, guidance or materials to their students while telling parents to keep up with their schooling. Many school systems fall between these two extremes. It’s hard to say what exactly is best, and add in that if these children were in school they would be on the downhill stretch, heading towards wrapping up the year and summer vacation.

It seems to be a free for all, everyone blindly groping along trying to figure it out. Just like much of life is. Into this uncertainty, and turmoil these Homeschooling Christian activists have inserted themselves and their nasty condescending attitudes. You would think at a time when everyone seems to be jumpier than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs that this would be the very group to reach out with loving advice, help, compassion and everything else Jesus tells us to be.

But that’s a big nope! It’s all “Ha-Ha you losers! You suck, we rock! You should have been righteously homeschooling your children all along. It’s clear you don’t love them enough. Up yours you sinners!” At least that’s what it sounds like from here.

I am seeing a lot of that online in various small and large ministries and homeschooling advocates. I think the nastiest one I’ve seen was from a very small homeschooling cultural enforcer out of Texas named Nicki Truesdell on her own Facebook page. It’s gone now, and I neglected to grab a screen cap.

If you look at her Facebook page it’s a free floating sheisse storm of disbelief in the dangers of COVID 19, screeching about that stimulus payment many of us got yesterday, tea party ravings and idiocy like we saw yesterday in Lansing, Michigan.  Much of her information has been marked “False” by Facebook.

Which is actually too bad, while much of her blog is also blaming, shaming and awful, like her piece on how perverts are constantly seeking to seduce your children she did do one good article. Her pieces on modest culture are eye rollingly bad. She orders homeschooling committed Christian mommas to never worry about burnout or self care. Toxic as a pail filled with old head shaving Britney Spears. But her piece welcoming suddenly new homeschooling parents wasn’t half bad compared to much of what others are saying.

Too bad she completely ruined that by accusing parents in her Facebook rant of not loving their children if they don’t homeschool their kids all the time. She was homeschooled, has a college degree from one of those suspect for profit schools, and has doubled down on the 100% isolationism and control that is endemic in Quiverfull homeschooling that harms so many. I would hardly consider her an expert on anything but isolation and control. With homophobia and racism as a kicker.

I’ve thought a lot about those newly forced into homeschooling their children at this time, and sent up a silent prayer for them. It’s not a perfect time to start, it’s a time where everyone who has half a brain to be shaken like a continual earthquake. Kids are unmoored from the routines, something that many children really need, a constancy in the day to day. Moms and Dads are at home, not working, worrying about how to pay bills. It’s understandable because we’re off script now, moving into unknown territory.

Those of you suddenly homeschooling, how are you holding up? What challenges are you dealing with?

Part of me wonders how anyone can possibly learn or teach in this stressful time.  When you’re worried it is so hard to concentrate on anything. I am glad I am not having to homeschool because it’s definitely not my strength.  I would have likely stuck to reading and recess.

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