Open Thread Covid 19 – Steven Anderson and Other Covidiots

Open Thread Covid 19 – Steven Anderson and Other Covidiots April 17, 2020

Found on Zsuzsanna Anderson’s Facebook page. She was discussing an erosion of rights, but pointing out that during the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793 in Philadelphia the government took the same actions. She then veered straight into lying about the Yellow Fever vaccination. It is still given, and it’s not as rare as she’s claiming.

Do you remember the end of last month when the rumor going around about New IFB pope, pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church and all around hate mongering buffoon Steven Anderson possibly having COVID 19? It popped up on a Reddit thread. He’d missed a few church functions and a service, and that he was sick.

He showed up a few days later on social media claiming to have had a bad cold, not Coronavirus. We all moved on. Steven went on to do the door to door pesteration he loves to call soul winning, Easter happened and everything went on as normal. Well, as normal as anything can possibly be under a stay at home order during a pandemic.

Yesterday I’m cruising through Facebook and I find a curious video by Anderson. For once it’s not calling women filthy names or throwing shade (just a little) at anyone else. It was Steven admitting that he had been tested for COVID 19 back during that ‘little cold’. So Reddit was right?

Turns out when Anderson was supposedly fine from his cold he was out doing his soul winning, not knowing if he was infected, knowing it was a distinct possibility, yet not caring enough to obey the state quarantine of suspected COVID 19 cases. Spreading Jesus (and possibly Coronavirus at the same time) was way more important to him than loving others by protecting them.

Yesterday after posting at NLQ I took a internet break, not coming back until afternoon, choosing to watch an old cheesy horror movie by Roger Corman “Attack of the Crab Monsters” with friends online. I did that instead of watching the briefing Trump gives every afternoon because it was stressing me out all evening. It was the right choice as I laughed so much I cried, and came away feeling strangely refreshed for once.  Reading the highlights of the briefing later is easier on the psyche.

But the bad part of that is that I neglected to save the video or the link to Steven’s words, and by the time I went back this morning I could no longer find it on his YouTube page among the reams of conspiracy theorems and Bible misinterpretations. It seems to be gone, I cannot even find the page on Facebook that had posted it originally.

We all know that Steven does not care for social mores, or anything else but Bible, Bible, Bible. So this was most odd. He had to have pulled it down. I am wondering if someone pointed out he could have been charged with some violation of the quarantine or health laws in his state. Looks like there is a significant spike in Arizona from here.

Lying, hiding and hypocrisy at it’s fundamentalist finest. I guess under tender mercies at least Steven is not fighting with the state over his church being open and spreading and he’s not openly begging for stimulus checks like Tony Spell of Central, Louisiana.

In fact I’d say Anderson is behaving with restraint and tack compared to the many protesters across the nation demanding the rights to give and receive the Coronavirus.

What are you doing to avoid the stress of watching the daily Coronavirus briefings? Not watching or are you still tuning in? We’ll be watching another silly old horror movie.

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