COVID 19 Open Thread – A Rogues List – When Christians Ignore Common Sense

COVID 19 Open Thread – A Rogues List – When Christians Ignore Common Sense March 31, 2020

Photo taken yesterday in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia of people ignoring Virginia Shelter in Place order. Image found on Facebook

Bear with me, today is a long one, and we have lots to cover in this Rogue’s Gallery of awful. Once again we must speak of those in the Evangelical Christian world that have decided to answer the question “Who Would Jesus Give Coronavirus To?” Those very people, like the Rodrigues family that don’t mind spreading the virus to hordes of people because Jesus.

People on Reddit are saying that our favorite hate pastor and pope of the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church Steven Anderson has COVID 19. That would be the ultimate in irony considering Steven and Faithful Word Baptist Church are also insistent on defiantly being open in the face of the pandemic, holding services and not doing the social distancing thing. One thing is sure, he did not show up or preach on Sunday.

I am guessing if he has it he’s likely spread it all around with his door to door ‘soul winning’, pestering random folks at home to drink his flavor of Koolaid or go to hell. That’s what so many of these people refusing to abide by the law do not get, they aren’t just risking themselves. They also put at risk EVERYONE.

Almost feeling sorry for his wife Zsuzsanna if this is true because they live in a very tiny house with their ten children. Considering medical experts say to isolate the family sick person in a separate room and sanitize everything this is going to be nigh on impossible in a house the size of a cracker box.

On to Rodney Howard Brown of The River church in Hillsborough County Florida. I know a number of folks in QF that adore him. Howard Brown has been openly defiant, like Jill Rodrigues, holding services and bragging about not complying with the government regulations. He was arrested finally even after bragging he wasn’t raising up pansies in his church. How many has he unwittingly exposed to the virus?

Jerry Falwell Jr., darling friend of Donald Trump, has been making a series of clueless statements in the media, many of them patently false, and refusing to go to remote learning while shuttering his school Liberty University. Another super spreader. Lots of likely COVID 19 cases on campus, and word of one confirmed and tested case. Kill more folks, why don’t you Jerry? Did I mention that old Jerry is busy spinning conspiracy theories over the virus as well. Lying and conspiracy theorying for Jesus.  Here’s hoping the infected students sue the asteroids off the school.

And there are a ton of others, including a Virginia pastor that laughed, refused to socially isolate and died of COVID. A pastor in Central, Louisiana is purposely bringing COVID 19 positive people into his church, and thumbing his nose at the high stats in his state, and the social distancing orders. I am looking for him to be arrested and to martyrbate over that.

And then we circle back to Jill Rodrigues and her exposure of many to possible contamination. Nothing new on Jill except she is making lots of health claims about Plexus healing people from COVID 19 in direct defiance of the FDA. The FDA and Plexus have knocked heads over this very thing.

Our Cindy Kunsman has turned Jill in to the health department for her scoffing over this pandemic and written this letter.

“Tuesday, March 31, 2020
In the interests of Public Health, could an appropriate representative of the Wayne County Ohio Government please visit David and Jill Rodrigues to review the current precautions concerning COVID19 and what this means specifically for their family?
The Rodrigues Family of Wooster, OH including twelve of their children have published that the COVID19 mitigation measures issued by Pennsylvania on March 16, 2020 and subsequent orders at State and National levels allow them a religious exemption which did not impede their planned travel or activities.
This included documentation of close physical contact with individuals of all ages in both small and large church gatherings in Ohio and Pennsylvania. After traveling to Chambersburg, PA, they published evidence of close physical contact citizens there at some point during March 18 – 24, 2020. This included door-to-door visits with strangers near the New Testament Baptist Church of Chambersburg. They mention the name of their 15 year old son, so it is likely that at least some of their children participated in community visitation in the homes of private citizens there.
The family explains online that they are more concerned with the eternal fate of strangers than they are for their physical wellbeing or any public health threat. Their rationale includes their faith that their own deaths would only result in them going to heaven. The group also teaches the importance of civil disobedience when God’s Law overrides Civil Law, allowing them license to act in accordance to what they understand as God’s highest will.
Their evangelical religious sect and its leaders embrace a book called A More Excellent Way: Be in Health by author Henry Wright which attributes physical disease to a traceable, root spiritual cause. As a result, I am deeply concerned that the family will continue to travel, put the health of their children at risk, and thus poses an ongoing, serious health risk to an inestimable number of people”

Cindy asked that I share the letter here. I have made a few slight edits to protect addresses and other personally identifiable information.

There are also forms available in her home county in Ohio to report her for unsafe behavior.

I am hoping that means that many of these truly awful people end up with fines and jail time. Everyone is at risk.Normally I would not encourage people to report others, but in this time it’s too serious not to take actions.

Guess I should be grateful that America is not handling it like Costa Rica is. This is a photo from several days ago on Playa Hermosa of a transito policia chasing surfers off the beach at gun point.

On the amusing side Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife proves yet again how not so smart she is by posting she wants a pretty comfortable single layer cotton floral mask.

  • Not understanding that single layer is not any protection (3%)
  • Apparently she has no idea how to sew even while insisting all other women must learn to sew.
  • Not interested in all if this mask protects her or not because her only criteria is if it was comfortable and floral pretty.

What she’s saying here is she wants one that is rated only 3% effective against the COVID 19?

And I leave you with the funniest yet most bizarre COVID 19 video yet. From SongifyThis.

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