January 3, 2019

The various doings that make up my Witchcraft practice share a peculiar trait-they are transformative. Witchcraft is not a static practice, it’s one that’s constantly evolving, both within and without. Read more

December 28, 2018

Though we often think of Samhain or maybe Yule as the start of the “Pagan New Year,” January 1 is also as good a date as any other. Read more

December 26, 2018

Because of their secrecy, the Eleusinian Mysteries haven’t been as influential as some might wish them to be, but every time we celebrate a mystery we are, in a way, celebrating Eleusis. Read more

December 18, 2018

Santa most assuredly originated from a number of sources, but the “shamanism” argument bandied about this time of year as one of them, is most certainly not accurate. Read more

December 18, 2018

As Witchcraft has grown over the last seventy years, the Witches’ Pyramid has grown alongside it, with each of its four (or five) tenets being given additional meaning. Explore the origins and meanings behind this essential Witch practice. Read more

December 15, 2018

While there is no “best sabbat” I like to think I make a pretty good argument for Yule. It’s a sabbat I can celebrate with my family, my ancestors, my coven, and its customs and traditions and stretch all the way back to pagan antiquity. No other sabbat quite has its pedigree. Read more

December 9, 2018

Perhaps the most amusing Yuletide tradition is that of the the caganer (El Caganer) which literally means “the crapper.” Read more

December 8, 2018

Sharing inaccurate information about pagan deities is bad for paganism, unfair to the gods, and makes us look silly and spiteful. Read more

December 3, 2018

What does your practice bring you? If it’s not bringing you at least some sort of joy, it might be time to try something else. Read more

November 20, 2018

One of the strengths of Modern Witchcraft is how adaptable it is. That’s why it appeals to people who only practice outside in the light of day, and those that whisper to the dead in the still of night. No one has choose to one or the other, and most Witches I know probably do both. Read more

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