July 17, 2012

(I’m still on the road and typing without a net, or with only an Ipad and a limited ability to spellcheck. I apologize in advance for the mistakes, misspelled words, and typos. I do love you all so much that I just coughed up ten bucks for decent internet access, so remember that when you notice the inevitable problems that will probably plague this entry.) With thirty-two festivals under its kilt, Starwood is one of the longest running Pagan/Magickal Festivals… Read more

July 10, 2012

(I thought writing on the road would be easy, I was wrong. I probably made things harder on myself by leaving my laptop at home and only taking my Ipad and a keyboard. I like my Ipad, but it’s not very good at pointing out misspelled words. WordPress won’t allow me to paste things written on my word processor either, so I’m sure this post will have lots of typos and other things wrong with it. I apologize in advance,… Read more

July 3, 2012

(I’ve always been fascinated by the occult overtones of Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal. Generally, the occult trappings in rock are nothing more than window dressing, but they can still be worth exploring. Strange Days is a series chronicling the truth about the occult in rock. Future articles will include looks at The Doors and T. Rex) Without question, Black Sabbath is one of the all-time great rock bands. They sit on the classic rock Rushmore, alongside bands like… Read more

July 2, 2012

American Conservatives, and especially Evangelical Christians on the right, have a tendency to claim “ownership” of America’s Founding Fathers and the documents they wrote. Any serious student of American History laughs at such claims, many of the Founding Fathers were deists* and America during the Revolutionary War Period was an extremely unreligious nation. Those who write the narrative control the narrative, but today I’m writing the narrative, and where Evangelicals see a Declaration of Independence full of references to God… Read more

June 25, 2012

(I’m currently on the road visiting some Pagan Festivals and bookstores. “Ramble On” is my travel journal chronicling some of those experiences. Last week I was at the Wisteria Summer Solstice celebration at the Wisteria Nature Retreat in Southeastern Ohio.) I’ve never been sick at a Pagan Festival before, until last week’s Summer Solstice Celebration at Wisteria. As a result my festival experience was a unique one, spent mostly inside of my tent and far away from the usual festival… Read more

June 17, 2012

If you’ve ever read the book Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton you are probably familiar with a chapter in it called “Finding a God.” Hutton’s argument there is that the Horned God became “the god” of Modern Paganism due to the popularity of the Greek God Pan with early 19th Century English Poets. As a devotee of the Horned One, I think Hutton’s hypothesis is absolutely spot on. The language we use to describe the Horned God bears… Read more

June 15, 2012

In a few days I’m heading out East to visit three and a quarter Pagan Festivals (one of them is just a day thing so it counts as a quarter). I’ll be gone from my house for over a month and will probably return home with a soar back and smelling of patchouli. The idea of hitting the road for such an extended trek is exhilarating (I’m on tour!) and frightening (what if I don’t sell enough books to eat?)…. Read more

June 12, 2012

Gateways to Paganism: Led Zeppelin (Pagans don’t proselytize, and the majority of us don’t have Pagan parents; as a result, people come to Modern Paganism through various means. For many of us, books, movies, and music provided the impetus to walk the Pagan Path. Gateways to Paganism is one guy’s attempt to document some of the things that have led various people to Paganism, and why those things had that effect.) Led Zeppelin was my gateway to Paganism. Sure, I… Read more

June 11, 2012

When people ask me to describe Paganism I often use the term “polytheism.” Even while saying it I know that what’s coming out of my mouth is a half-truth. Not all Pagans are polytheists; I know a good many atheist Pagans, and there are a lot of Pagans who believe that all the gods throughout history are manifestations of an Ultimate Power, or one god. In some ways, that might make those folks monotheists. There are also hard-core duo-theists, worshipping… Read more

June 11, 2012

I can’t believe that I’m here on Patheos; posting next to The Pagan Soccer Mom and sharing bandwidth with Bristol Palin (please let there be a Holiday Party!). It’s all pretty awesome, and a little bit intimidating. Before going any further, I’ve got to give a huge thank you to Jason Pitzl-Waters for suggesting that I write for Patheos, and to Star Foster for giving me the opportunity. Star also created the kick-ass banner that adorns the top of this… Read more

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