7 Quick Takes #3 (Or random facts about me)

7 Quick Takes #3 (Or random facts about me) December 18, 2009

I love music. I think it can change the entire mood of the day to have peaceful or joyful music on in the background. I try to remember that when the day isn’t going so well, putting in a CD can make a big difference.

I love scrap-booking because I want to have memories of my children saved in an organized way, but between having a baby and trying to start an exercise routine and now the holidays, I haven’t done anything in that department for at least 8 months.

Not getting to said scrapbooking bothers me a lot and I feel depressed about it quite frequently. Whats even worse is that if things keep going the way they have been, I’m not sure how I am ever going to catch up.

My favorite household chore of all time is cleaning the bathroom. Yes, you heard that right, I love that the mess is contained in a small room, it can be sparkling in a minimal amount of time and after its clean I can close the door and at least one room in my house is perfectly clean for a short time. I think that my obsession with a clean bathroom stems from my several months spent hugging the toilet during each pregnancy. You sure notice how clean the toilet is when you’re that close to it.

My most hated (and therefore most neglected) chore of all time is washing dishes. I loathe it. I usually do the dishes once a day and STILL leave a pan or 2 on the counter “for later”. When my children are old enough to do chores, this is the very first one I am delegating.

In direct correlation to the above stated loathing, I have been known to hide dirty dishes in my oven if guests are about to arrive. This backfired one time when my hubby decided to make a frozen pizza (the full extent of his cuisine) and in pre-heating the oven succeeded in melting 2 mixing bowls and a spoon. That was the end of hiding dishes in the oven.

I am a confirmed homebody who would rather spend the night with a good book than go out to a party with people I don’t know that well. But if you do the work to convince me to go I usually enjoy myself greatly despite being exhausted afterwards.

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