Small Successes #4

Small Successes #4 December 17, 2009

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1. Vaccuumed behind the couch, stove and fridge for the first time in a year. (Wow that was intense) It was way easier than I thought it would be, I have no idea why I put it off for so long. I feel great about it!! I also washed every single dish (my most hated chore) that I had allowed to pile up on my counter, including the muffin pans and the cookie pans. My counter was completely clean for a whole half hour!

2. We went a little crazy this week with “fun time” and we painted, did playdough, made pies and got to finish Christmas shopping.

3. Mornings have been going way better around here. Having french toast or muffins already made in the fridge, the babies clothing picked out the day before, and putting on the tea kettle first thing in the morning have made a huge difference. I am so excited about all the responses I got last week and I am still reading through them and deciding what works best for us. Thank you all so much!

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