7 Quick Takes #5 (Or cool stuff at my house)

7 Quick Takes #5 (Or cool stuff at my house) January 8, 2010

This has been my only vacuum for 5 years now and it has never let me down. I love it because it is light weight and easy to carry around. It doesn’t need bags, the dirt cup empties easily into the garbage can. It has a brush that picks up almost anything and good suction.
I bought it with the intention of getting a “real” vacuum as some point, and just haven’t bothered to spend the money yet. The only down sides of this vacuum after all this time is that the cord is a bit short, and that it doesn’t have a hose attachment to get into the crack where the floor and the wall meet.

This cost me $25 and is amazing for cleaning out highchairs and under them. Getting crumbs off of the table or counter top. Cleaning the inside of the couch or the car. And for periodically cleaning that crack where the wall and the floor meet that my other vacuum can’t get to. 🙂

Maybe I’m just behind the times, but I had never heard of this show. My kids got this as a gift and it is a hit! It doesn’t have anything in it that makes me wonder if they should be watching it. The episodes are about 7 minutes long and have very basic plots and animation. I find them rather boring but cute, and my kids have been asking for it every video time for going on 5 weeks! That’s got to be some kind of record.

One of the books we got our children for Christmas. This bible is a good starter bible, very basic, only a few lines on each page and a picture on every page. My kids ask to read it, listen to it while its being read, and even look through it by themselves.

I hate shoes. I can never find shoes I like, they cost way too much, you have to get different shoes for practically every outfit. I would wear sneakers all the time, except they look a bit strange with skirts, and my sneakers are really really old (like 7 years old. what can I say, if I finally find a pair of shoes I like I stick with them) I couldn’t find any dress shoes I liked, but then I finally got this idea. Boots! These are black, can be worn with anything, comfortable, flat (no heels for this baby carrying sometimes pregnant mama) and can be worn with normal socks (a MUST I can’t stand nylons) These are pretty much my only pair of shoes now, except for my summer sandals.

I love using my crock-pot because I never burn anything in it (although I have forgotten to turn it on a few times) I throw some stuff in there early in the day and it cooks without any supervision from me. (Honestly like the ONE THING that can do something good without any supervision from me) I love it even more since I discovered that it is an easy way to cook beans. I use a lot of beans in my cooking since it trims your grocery budget, but I was forever forgetting to soak them the night before, and letting them boil over on the stove. Now I put a few handfuls of beans in the crock-pot and cover them with water and forget about them. I can put it on low if I’m getting an early start to the day (this is rare) or I can put it on high and as long as I get them cooking before 1 PM they are good to go when I’m ready to make dinner at 4:30 or so. If you want a wealth of crock-pot recipes to get ideas from go to this blog!

I had cheap chinese-made baby carrier for my first 2 children and hardly ever used it because I hated it so much. My babies didn’t like it and it hurt my back. I found a different one this time around and it is made so much better! It looks a bit strange when your trying to get it on the first time, but once you’ve got it this is definitely the best baby carrier I’ve ever had. It doesn’t hurt your back, and you don’t have to adjust a million straps every time someone besides yourself is using it.

Obviously I am not getting paid for endorsements or whatever, I just randomly decided to share some of the stuff I use all the time at my house.

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