Quick Takes #7 (Or The Hidden Lives of Toys)

Quick Takes #7 (Or The Hidden Lives of Toys) January 29, 2010

The stuffed animals at my house have personalities.

1. For example, not only does this monkey have a sense of style and look perpetually amused; She must have a pretty good relationship with the baby, since she has borrowed her clothes again.

2. The fact that this guy is the biggest stuffed animal we own has earned him the place of defender of all other stuffed animals from all kinds of harm. Such as vacuums and imaginary monsters.

3. This Baby doll is always hungry. At least that’s the only conclusion my daughters have come to about her gaping mouth. They are forever sharing a variety of foods with this doll, which I later fish out of her mouth with the handle of a spoon.

4. This bunny has really got the whole “praying without ceasing” thing figured out. She can be heard praying at any hour of the day. And since she is made in Canada she even prays in tongues! (Otherwise known as French and English) Sometimes you can hear her ghostlike voice praying in the night, as if asking for divine intervention to move whoever has rolled over onto her.

5. This slightly demented looking Elmo, is afraid of everyone. At least it seems that way. Since he is always hiding whenever Ms. Drama is looking for him, and never gives any hints of his whereabouts, even when the girls are roaming throughout the house wailing “Eh-mow, Eh-mow!

6. In contrast, this bear is unusually clingy. So much so that she insists on sleeping in the bed with Ms Action EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. And is unable to sleep without her.

7. But this bear (who has earned the name grandma bear because of her penchant for flowery hats) seems to have even more attachment issues. Her magnetic arms are always wrapped around some poor hapless soul.

Oh yes. The stuffed animals at my house do have personalities.

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