Small successes #7

Small successes #7 January 28, 2010


1. Sorted and containerized my bathroom. I’ve been hoping to get this done for a long time. You should have seen the HUGE bag of half-used and never used products I got rid of. I streamlined down to stuff that is actually used, separated it by category, and grabbed some containers at the dollar store. Nope, they aren’t the pretty baskets with matching cloth liners that cost $15 a piece. But they fit well in the space I have, seem pretty sturdy, and they do the job.

2. Did stuff with my kids. Like read a million books, color in coloring books, make muffins, paint with water colors, let them help me clean up stuff. Yeah, I try to have the patience to do this every week, but I just figured I’d celebrate it this week.

3. Hung a few more pictures on my walls. Yes, I have lived here for over a year now and I still haven’t hung all my pictures on my walls. But I am getting to a few each month lately, so that’s some progress.

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