Quck Takes #10 – Question edition

Quck Takes #10 – Question edition March 5, 2010


Does anyone else see and fix mistakes in their blog posts after they’ve already been published? I will check and re-check the spelling and sentence structure of my posts, and without fail I end up going back to change something. Maybe I’m just obsessive.


Do you get caught up in what they are doing with their kids and get frustrated when the child doesn’t do it right? This is very silly of me, but when we are reading, and they are trying to turn the page too soon or even skip pages (!) I can let it drive me crazy. I have the book memorized for crying out loud (and so do they for that matter) if they don’t mind hearing it out of order, I guess I shouldn’t mind reading it out of order.


Does anyone else find it incredibly hard to resist the clearance rack? I am limiting purchases while we pay off debt, especially new ones. But despite the fact that my children do not need anymore clothes (much less tiny matching rubber boots) I am still sucked in when I see stuff on sale. I think they do it on purpose, “Look! This useless but adorable item used to cost $29.95, now it is only $6.94. Look at what you could save!” Thankfully I was able to keep myself from buying anything.


Why doesn’t anyone understand what my 2 year old is saying? Ms Drama has a huge vocabulary and Ms. Action and I have no trouble hearing what she is saying. It is so obvious. When I go to pick her up from nursery, people say things like “wow, she was babbling the entire time” and I want to reply “actually she was probably trying to have a conversation”. Oh well, she will figure out how to enunciate better as time goes on.


Why are baby’s (and toddler’s) fingernails and toenails always long? You cut them, and the next day they are snagging their claws on you. I should really just make nail-cutting an every day ritual.


Why is it, that the minute that you mention anything that you have learned, there are a million people to jump on board and tell you why you are wrong (so horribly wrong!) and not only that, but the bible tells you that you are wrong. Or are these just the people I know? I have to admit, I still doubt myself when people pull the “bible” card, even though I don’t think that Sola Scriptura makes much sense. It is so hard to stick with it when the instant you talk about it with anyone they erupt with “biblical’ reasons you are wrong and your carefully researched and thought out idea seems to crumble into a bunch of nonsensical disconnected thoughts. This is why I don’t usually talk about my thoughts with anyone except my wonderful husband. And this blog of course. 🙂


What book teaches the concept of Natural Family Planning as well as it’s practical use without out sounding to terribly Catholic? I have a (Protestant) sister who is getting married soon, and while excited to have a family at some point, is planning on postponing having children. I’m pretty sure they are already unsure about hormonal methods, so I think they might be open to the idea of NFP. Although when I mentioned it she responded (with a laugh) “this doesn’t involve any kind of self-control does it?” I’m thinking that fertility tracking with one of these

might be helpful, but I need help finding a good book on it. Any suggestions?

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