Life is so good

Life is so good July 27, 2010
Summer makes me happy. My kids make me happy. My husband makes me happy.
This summer has been such a time of discovery in so many ways.
Forgetting perfectionism, because life is already good.
I love this life.
I love staring at the summer sky.
Finding out that when you forget about the radishes in the garden, they grow into flowers.
The little toys in the pool swirling around and around.
And the chubby legs that caused the swirling.
I can never get enough of their tiny sweet toes.
I love how wrinkled they get when they hang out in the pool all day long.
Tiny perfection.
Summer days.
Sun, water, and wrinkly toes.
Warm breezes and cool shade. 
Sweaty hugs and warm wet kisses.
Salty snacks and sweet melting Popsicles.
What do you love most about this Summer?
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