Backseat Conversation

Backseat Conversation August 3, 2010

Picture two toddler’s strapped into their car seats in the back of our van, this is the conversation I overheard on the drive to the grocery store.

2 year old: I have owie.

3 year old: *Gasp*! You have a owie? Where?

2 year old: Right here. (Pointing sadly to the mosquito bite next to her eye)

3 year old: Did you bang your head on the door and get that owie?

2 year old: (Nodding) Yeah.

3 year old: I’m so sorry you got a owie in your eye. Do you feel better?

2 year old: Yeah, I better.


3 year old: I have a owie too.

2 year old: *Gasp*! Owie too?

3 year old: Yeah, right here. (Pointing to a practically invisible scratch on her leg) I was running and running and then I fell down and got that owie.

2 year old: Fell down? Owie?

3 year old: Yeah. It hurted real real bad.

2 year old: Hurt? Cry?

3 year old: Yeah. I cried and cried.

2 year old: I tiss it?

3 year old: Yeah, you can kiss it.

2 year old: (Blows kisses in the general direction of the scratch)

3 year old: Thank you! It’s all better!

2 year old: Yay!


2 year old: I have owie right here. (Holding up her finger)

3 year old: *Gasp*! You have a other owie?!

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