Quick Takes #32: Sick Babies, Book Reviews, and a Pregnant Belly

Quick Takes #32: Sick Babies, Book Reviews, and a Pregnant Belly January 28, 2011

Well, the Humidifier has been running constantly all week.

 Whatever this bug is, it seems to last about 3 days of coughing, snotting noses, and running a fever. Ms Drama is getting over it now, but Ms Action had a terrible day yesterday, and Ms Pooky is just starting to run a fever herself. So far, my husband and I have seemed OK, which is good because we are taking care of 3 sad snugly sick little people. The picture below pretty much sums up the week. (Minus the loads of dirty laundry and dishes that is, I decided to spare you a picture of that.)

Since we were trapped in the house all week, and I spent alot of time on the couch with sick children piled around me, I knitted. 
I actually read 2 whole novels. And when I needed something a little different I read a bit more of “Patience with God”.

Both novels were pretty good for light fiction. “Forget about it” is the story of a girl in her 20’s that hates her life so much that when she is in an accident she comes up with the brilliant idea to fake amnesia, with interesting results. “Twenties Girl” is a novel by my favorite chick lit author Sophie Kinsella, and she was great as usual. The characters are well thought out, and you never really reach a place in the book where you feel as though you can take a break, the story sucks you in. Plus it’s an easy light read, which is nice sometimes. I haven’t found a book yet by her that I didn’t enjoy. ”Patience with God” is still awesome. I  love Frank’s sarcastic sense of humour, and he is always well researched. Like I’ve said before, he gives me hope in this whole Christian thing.
Besides watching numerous cartoons, we read library books.
The Alligator and Monarch books are a huge hit over here, we’ve read each one easily 50 times each. They love the pictures, and so far we have learned that Alligators have nests and carry their babies around in their mouths, and that Butterflies have a “proboscis” that they use to drink nectar out of flowers.
“My Crayons Talk” is a rhyming book that describes each color and a silly thing that it “says”. “Froggy gets Dressed” is about a frog that tries to get dressed and go out in the snow, except he has trouble remembering to put on all of his clothes (my kids find this hysterical). The Binoo book is pretty basic, but with each of these books we get to the end and they ask me to start over again, so they are all quite popular.

I’ been told more than once that I am HUGE this pregnancy. I didn’t feel that big, so I decided to take a picture to ask all of you what you thought. After my first picture (which I hastily deleted) I was starting to doubt that I was as small as I feel, but I decided to blame it on the fact that I was wearing my husband’s T-shirt, so that was what was making me look like a Trucker right?

I changed into a nice shirt, and I have come to the conclusion that at 25 weeks, I am officially huge.

Even changing my shirt didn’t help.
This weeks Quick Takes have been brought to you by:
This week has also been brought to you by Ms Pooky’s “Monkey”. Actually according to his tag his name is “Vines”, but over here is just “Monkey”. This bedraggled beanie baby must be with her for each and every nap time or bedtime or sleeping simply will not happen. He badly needs a bath, but I am still trying to figure out how to fit that in between sleeping times.
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