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Parenting Resources October 20, 2011

So yes, I want to write. I have about a dozen half written pieces, including some that are almost complete. I just haven’t been able to pull it together. Baby Boy has cut two teeth and the girls have been rather stir-crazy being in the house as the weather has gotten colder. We have been cleaning the house and baking cookies and zuchinni bread, reading books, dealing with emotional ups and downs and playing with ideas for the Holiday’s.

I’ve really been hoping to finish my next Gentle Parenting Tools installment, but since I haven’t gotten to it yet, I figured that I would share the wealth of information that I’ve discovered and learned from.

 As you can see, I’ve added two pages the top of my blog. “Books along the Journey” is a list of books that have impacted me, and “Parenting Websites” is a list of blogs, websites and facebook pages that have been encouraging me as I’ve changed. I hope to continue to add to these when I find new resources. And of course I still have the book reviews I’ve posted here on the blog, and I’ve linked some info in my discipline posts as well.  Enjoy! I hope to be back with a real post soon.

P.S.  Just as a service announcement (and full disclosure of just how computer illiterate I am), did you know that if you right click on a link you can select “open in a new tab” or “open in a new window”? This recent discovery has changed how I use the Internet! No more clicking on links and subsequently back paging to try to finish the article I was reading. 🙂

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