Snow, Peace, and Giving Thanks

Snow, Peace, and Giving Thanks November 25, 2011

Even though we live in Canada right now, we have still enjoyed taking some time off and celebrating American Thanksgiving each year we’ve been here. This year my Hunnie made the Turkey and mashed potatoes and I made the Apple Crumble Pie and Pumpkin Pie. Everything was delicious and I think we have enough leftovers to make through the weekend! The days at our house have been peaceful and simple lately. Finding and making new recipes, picking up toys and washing dishes, reading books and watching movies.

We had our first snow of the year,

and everyone trooped outside to “help” shovel.
Time goes by so quickly, it seems only yesterday that we had these outside our door..
And now those same flowers are asleep under a layer of snow.

Holiday Traditions have only gotten more enjoyable as the kids get old enough to participate. This year we each made one of these adorable gumdrop turkeys.

And then ate them.
Throughout out this last week we each added a paper leave to our thankful tree each day,
and it got pretty full!
We used a different shape and color for each person’s leaves, and simply asked the kids “what makes them happy” and wrote it down for them (we had to guess for the babies) and then we talked about how these are things we are grateful for.

We had quite a variety of things we were thankful for. Here is what was written on our leaves, if you look closely I think you can see each person’s love language shining through.

Melissa: Foot rubs from my Hunnie, Photos, Wrestling on the floor, Play, Books, Traditions, Freedom.

My Hunnie: Our children, Naps, New Jacket, Supportive family members, Fun new hobbies, My sweetheart, Vacation.

4 yr old Ms Action: Unicorns, Rainbows, Toys, Decorations, Blankie, Castles, My bed.

3 yr old Ms Drama: Making cookies, Hugs from my parents, Candy, Nighttime when we sleep, Going to the store, Princesses, Lipstick.

2 yr old Ms Pooky: Cheese, Boinga’s (her word for frogs), Blankie, Movies, Books (this one we used twice on accident, she really loves her books!), Candy.

6 month old Baby Boy: Full tummy, Bouncy, Sisters, Blankie, Toys, Sleeping, Going Places. (We really should have added ‘thumb’ to this list now that I think about it, he is always sucking his thumb.)

It was so much fun putting it together and hearing what our kids are thankful for, and a good reminder that the things we are grateful for or the “things that make us happy” usually have nothing to do with buying things at the store or trying to please other people. I plan on continuing this discussion even when it is not Thanksgiving.

So, a peaceful happy Thanksgiving, a relaxed weekend coming up, and then some fun plans for St Nicholas Day. What have you all been up to?

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