Breakfast Links for 12/11/12 – Sex and Control; What Ticks Jesus Off; Googling God

Breakfast Links for 12/11/12 – Sex and Control; What Ticks Jesus Off; Googling God December 11, 2012


Calah Alexander, Patheos/Barefoot and Pregnant: “For these people, how painful must it be to read a prominent, widely adored Catholic blogger encouraging men to “control” their wives, stating that the “war on women…exists for the simple reason that erotic love demands it”?

Eric Metaxas, Belief Blog: No Pressure, Mr. President

Tim Dalrymple, Patheos/Philosophical Fragments: “Should the church and the state separate the sacred from the civil ceremony?  Is this realistic?  Does this provide relief on the question of same-sex marriage?”

Joseph Curl, Washington Times: The Fiscal Cliff ‘Get-Away’ Call

Frank Viola, Patheos/Frank Viola: “What He deemed to be the severest of all sins (self-righteousness) is what many contemporary Christians view as a mere misdemeanor. And the sorts of sins toward which Jesus had great compassion and patience are what many Christians place at the top of the totem pole of “serious sins,” deeming them to be felonies.”

Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast: Why Obama Will Ignore Israel

Joel J. Miller, Patheos/Joel J. Miller: ‘She was not one of the twelve disciples, but she was the first disciple. She was not an apostle, but apostles revered her. She was not a preacher, but she brought forth the Word.”

Alexandria Sage, Notre Dame’s 850th Birthday

Amy Julia Becker, Patheos/Thin Places: “But I sometimes wonder if my questions are really just a way to avoid the God in whom I say I believe.”

Sunday Oguntola, Christianity Today: Private Jets for Jesus

Thomas Albert Howard, Patheos/The Anxious Bench: “As most of us have discovered, Google can ace the simple questions—which team won the BCS championship in 2010?—but it hasn’t quite mastered the complex ones—what is truth, goodness, beauty?  In this respect, Google reflects the humanity of its makers: we ably to reach for information even as wisdom often exceeds our grasp.”

Jazz Shaw, Hot Air: The Problem With Energy is It’s too Cheap


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