March 3, 2021

Tasseography also known as tasseomancy or tassology is the art of interpreting symbols found in tea leaves, coffee grounds and even wine for their divinatory meanings.  Each reading is very unique and personal as the cup contains the vibrations of the individual at that very moment. No cup is ever the same! It is very reminiscent of scrying in the sense that you are finding forms in abstract shapes and patterns, and interpreting their meaning.  Read more

January 8, 2021

Exploring the shadow and coming to understand these aspects frees us and and gives us personal sovereignty.  But who determines what is relegated to the shadows? Read more

January 4, 2021

Hoodoo, root work and conjure practices have a special place in my heart.  I am not from the south, but I have always felt at home there.  It was actually through a study of African American Hoodoo, for a college research paper, that I became enlightened to this abundance of new magical lore.  I began to study it in my free time as well.  I loved how practical it was, providing solutions for both spiritual and material matters.  Read more

December 31, 2020

Nightshades are a large and common group of plants.  We are almost always nearb one nightshade or another.  Ketchup, French fries, eggplant and even cigarettes all contain a member of the Nightshade family.  All nightshades are technically poisonous, and this is a VERY loaded term.  Poisonous does not always mean deadly, although in the case of Deadly Nightshade, Datura and other more powerful members of the family, it certainly can.  Read more

October 6, 2020

Baneful herbs, herbs that are toxic or potentially deadly have been and continue to be some of mankind's most important medicines, while their applications have evolved, drugs like atropine, scopolamine and digoxin have botanical origins.  It is because of these plant's chemical potency that they are so important.  Read more

September 21, 2020

Plant spirit glyphs are symbolic representations of the of the occult forces that are accessed when using herbs in spell work.  They are created in partnership with the genius or consciousness of a plant. Read more

July 4, 2020

It has been a little while since I have done a feature article or an interview, and I thought who better to feature than the best fortune teller I know! I have had many readings from Kalem and watched him in action, and his gift is truly amazing. His intuitive ability combined with his knowledge of these system make for a powerful reading. Read more

June 16, 2020

Lilith is the champion of those who have been ostracized, cast out and wronged. With the proper offerings she will fight for any cause, whether justified or otherwise Read more

May 26, 2020

Plant lore and fairy lore are often intimately connected. The magical provenance of many plants is due to their folkloric association with the fairy realm. Fairies were thought to make their homes in certain plants and were believed to be responsible for tending to their growth. Read more

April 21, 2020

There are no plants more specifically associated with Witchcraft and the Devil than those that belong to the family of Nightshade, the Solanaceae. Read more

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