August 23, 2018

Lunar herbs help us connect with the energy of the Moon, bringing its influence into magic and rituals. The moon plays a prominent role in the spiritual practices of Pagans and Witches alike. Read more

August 10, 2018

When many people begin exploring the world of magic, myth and legend one of the first places they turn to is plant magic.  There are hundreds of resources on plant based practices, herbalism, and the creation of botanical preparations for both healing and ritual.  Some people are interested in the chemical components of plants, others look to their astrological and elemental correspondences or the large body of plant folklore.  There are numerous authors that write on the many different facets… Read more

July 30, 2018

The festival of Lughnasadh, later known as Lammas, is one of the four grand sabbats of witchcraft traditions, and one of the four sacred fire festivals of the Celtic peoples also celebrated by modern Pagans. The four festivals all have fire playing a central role in some way. Read more

July 23, 2018

Witchcraft is the innate ability to work with these tools and discover new ways of wielding them. Read more

July 10, 2018

Joseph Ernest Meyer Herbalist, Writer and Purveyor of Medicinal Herbs Indiana is a land of open fields and farmland framed by dense forests, and beautiful lakes.  I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana; known for its three converging rivers.  So when I discovered that there was a prominent herbalist, and publisher who lived and operated just a couple of hours away I was excited to learn more about him. Joseph Ernest Meyer was born in 1878 and died in 1950. … Read more

June 26, 2018

Henbane is a magical plant with a history that goes back as far as ancient Greece, Nordic shamanism, and Indo-European tribal cultures.  Read more

June 21, 2018

A Time of Magical Doorways and Planetary Alignments Along with Beltane, Samhain, and the Winter Solstice; Midsummer or the Summer Solstice is a night attributed to faeries, witches and the working of magic.  It is one of the special times a year when the Wild Hunt sets out across the night sky.  Legend connects the solstice or St. John’s Day with the story of John the Baptist and Herodias, who is a figure associated with the goddesses Hera and Diana,… Read more

June 18, 2018

The Plant that Killed Socrates Gimbettino Cignaroli, The Death of Socrates, Wikimedia CommonsHemlock is a poisonous plant that has been used since antiquity.  Surprisingly it does not get the attention that other herbs connected to witches and sorcery like the Nightshade family does.  It is one of the most common plants associated with witches in Europe, particularly in Britain, one of the plant’s native homes.  Like many of the baneful herbs, Hemlock is connected to Hekate and Saturnus.  It was… Read more

June 11, 2018

Hellebore is a peculiar looking plant with a dark beauty all its own. Often present in medieval cloister gardens and apothecaries. Read more

June 4, 2018

Dark Fairy Herb of the Nocturnal Witch’s Garden Datura, known by many names by many different cultures since ancient times, is one of the sisters of the Nightshade family; the Solanaceae.  She has been used by European witches, native shaman of both North and South America, and is a popular plant of modern witches and sorcerers on the Poison Path.  According to the lore of Scott Cunningham, Datura is used for hex breaking, sleep and protection, but that barely scratches… Read more

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