Standing by Her Man: Hillary’s Choice

Standing by Her Man: Hillary’s Choice March 23, 2016

In 1992, when Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes” insisted that then Governor Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary should air all their marital woes on the program, the couple attempted to resist. Hillary stated, “There isn’t a person watching this would feel comfortable sitting on this couch detailing everything that ever went on in their life or their marriage.” Indeed. I know this is true for me, and I can imagine it is true for most people reading this.

What everyone remembers from that interview, however, was Mrs. Clinton’s remark, “I’m not sitting here – some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette.” No one remembers the part just after that – “I’m sitting here because I love him….I honor…what we’ve been through together.”

People may have forgiven Hillary for “standing by” Bill following the allegations (to which he later confessed) made by Gennifer Flowers, but fewer seem willing to forgive her for “standing by” Bill after his affair with Monica Lewinsky. One of the reasons given for not voting for Hillary Clinton is, “She didn’t leave Bill.”


I can think of many reasons to not vote for Hillary, but that one isn’t on my list.

You won’t vote for someone because the person didn’t leave their spouse. Oh, but you will vote for someone else and that person left two spouses (Donald Trump). You won’t vote for someone because that person fornicated outside their marriage. But you have no problem voting for someone who screwed over an entire corporation (Carly Fiorina).


Some say Hillary is not a feminist because she did not leave Bill. I thought feminism means the woman get to choose, not you get to choose for the woman. Haven’t others been choosing for us long enough?

Stop choosing for other women. If you don’t want to vote for Hillary, fine. Just come up with a better reason than she didn’t leave her husband.

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